>Behold, The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself!!!

>So the other night during her interview with Anderson Cooper

[…] “I was kind of prepared to defend my other children. I was prepared to kind of give them extra love and attention because something was going to be different about this new one, so I was emotionally ready.”

“Madd loves her. Well because when Zee came home she was already older. She was seven months old. So Madd is like having this tiny little pet that he can just hold and look at. He’s great. Zee’s a little jealous because she’s just a little girl.”

Ummm…news flash, Ang—it’s more than being “just a little girl.” Baby Zee is culluh’d. She knows this drill. That feeling of sudden dread is genetically imprinted, whether she’s aware of it or not.

I guess Baby Zee’s finally getting that wake-up call. Sure, in the beginning she was cute and cuddly and fun.

A great little pet.

Perfect for bike rides and acting as a human backpack and what-not.
But now that the REAL baby’s here

Flesh of their flesh and all…well.

You know how that goes.

Aaaah, happier days!!!

And now, reality bites. Just look at her.

Zee knows what time it is. Yup. The party’s over.
It’s going to be even more tragic when Baby Zee finally discovers her real role in the family: Jemima-in-training. They’ve been gradually grooming her, easing her into those curiously pickaninny-like scarves.

Flapjacks, anybody?

(Hey, who doesn’t want fresh pancakes every morning, made by someone you groomed from the ground up? FYI, Zee…baking powder, a pinch of baking soda, and whip the eggs in a blender until they’re light and airy before adding them to the batter. Fluffiest pancakes EVER. What? Y’all don’t trip. Zee’s walking now, which means she’ll be standing on a stool flipping flapjacks at the stove in no time. Oh yeah…honey butter, Zee. Honey butter’s real good on hot, fresh ‘cakes.)

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10 thoughts on “>Behold, The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself!!!

  1. >Brad: "You know the rules, Zee!"Angelina: "You heard your mast..er..father…Zee…BACK OF THE SUV!"That's Okay Zee, you can come live with me. I speak Amharic fluently and have my own place in Addis Ababa.


  2. >wow lo. how prophetic is that? you know it's coming when baby zee begins to questions "how come your skin is different than mine?" and later "you're not my real mother?, where is my mother?". and once she sees the difference in love from ang's own real baby vs her, it could be damaging long term, because she'll see it everyday.now, granted adoption is a good thing but when people tend to adopted children and later have kids of their own or previously before adoption, the love becomes divide. it's just the natural form of affection. to love your own more. the one thing that may play into zee's hands is that her adoptive parents are very weathly and she may have access to their fortune down the road. having that access will pay dividend down the road of life.


  3. >Okay Lance I totally disagree. My husband is pale white and I ain't. LOL…ain't anyrate, the boy that we are planning on adopting is 3 and he is black. He is so precious. We found out recently that we are pregnant. Yippie (i think) for us. At anyrate, I am so in love with Deondre (i don't know why his mother named him that). I am always planning on him being my child…even though we are having one of our own. I even plan on adopting two more kids..once we buy a bigger house. My birth child is not going to be anymore special than the kids who picked us to let love them. I also know from personal experience that just because you have your own doesnt mean you will love them more than your adopted kids. Hell my granny hates my mother but loves my uncle to death…and we still don't know where his pumpkin headed ass came from.


  4. >lol…i guess so dawnya. congrats on your "new" little one, (the one you got at the bakery and the other one you have in the oven!)my only concern is that with baby zee compared to you is that angelina and brad are both white like your hubby and cultural there's going to be a difference no matter how you look at it. if one of them were black then i could see "cultural, heritage" bond because of race. even if you take a black person from africa and a black person from the u.k. and a black person from the u.s.a., all strangers put them all together and you're going to get a "heritage" bond. that's very difficult to do with mixed races.not to sound racist…or well, racial, because here on the lo-zone we do have white lo-zoners like matt, who has been in an interracial marriage, but no matter how you bond in one regards, you're always going to be considered different in another. unfortunately, that's life.


  5. >Well, to be fair, I was in Ethiopia and know what it is to be the "outsider", believe me. But my ex's family took me in as one of their own and really loved me…probably more than she did. They're such good hearted people that I really bonded with them…and it helped that I spoke their language. Even now, after the marriage is gone, I still talk with the family and I know that next time I'm in Addis Ababa (probably next February at the peak of their summer) I will go visit with them. They would be incredibly insulted if I didn't. Strange world.


  6. >yeah, matt. strange world indeed. doesn't it feel akward when your in-laws show you much love that ex-wifey? i'm in such a boat now, but there's a common bond via my daughter. so all is well, unless there's some backstabbin' going on i'm took igg'nant to see.


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