Bring It On!!!

Those closest to me know I can’t stand cell phones (I’m not much of a phone person at all), and the thing that bugs me most is when someone stands or walks near me, then starts talking on their phone. It’s intrusive and assumptive. Why would you think that I, or anybody in the area, want to hear your damn conversation? Go in the corner somewhere, or better yet…just shut the fuck up. Text message. Damn.

Where’s lightning when you really need it? Ughhh!!!

(Sorry for the rant, y’all. I just hate the way these contraptions have come to be abused. Of course, long-time readers of The Lo Zone are aware of this, as evidenced in this post from when I was on tour back in February.)

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3 thoughts on “Bring It On!!!

  1. >This isn't a race-specific issue. Offenders come in all colors. A BRUDDA yapping on a cell is just as offensive as anyone else.


  2. >first it was using a cell phone causes cancer…then talking on a cell phone while pumping gas create an explosion…now, you're at risk of being hit by lighting while on the cell phone? nevermind being outside to start with and probably walking near taller objects which attracts more lightning strikes than anything else.i understand that florida has the most lighting strikes than anywhere else in the country. and i'm in agreement with ya boy from UF, vladmir rakov.but if a lightning strike can "pop" you while your on a cell, chillin' inside the house? then i'd say forget the cell phone. time to get right with the Lord! 0;-)


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