>Billionaire Gone Wild.


The world’s second-richest man, Warren Buffett, became one of the world’s biggest philanthropists Sunday with the announcement that he would bequeath the bulk of his roughly $44 billion fortune to the foundation established by billionaire Bill Gates and his wife.

The decision to start giving next month through annual stock donations represents a stark reversal for the investment wizard, who for years had said his wealth would be pledged to philanthropies after his death.

Buffett’s gift will radically boost the resources of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is already the world’s largest philanthropy with assets of more than $29 billion.

I’on know. I mighta had to keep at least a couple bil for myself. You know, in case of emergencies.

And for shoes.

I guess ol’ boy’s got everything he could ever need, so what the hey?

SFGate.com: Bulk of Buffett Money Going to Gates Fund

One thought on “>Billionaire Gone Wild.

  1. >well, buffett was always "cheap". meaning not spending $$$$ on luxury items like "we" probably would. wif his billions, i can tell you right now, without a doubt, i'd have a mansion and a yacht!but on the real, a nice gesture by him to give away much of his wealth, before passing on. i'm sure his wife's passing in 2004 may have weighed on his mind to do so.


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