Isn’t It Ironic?

Now I don’t wish death upon anybody, but this is really interesting.



This man gave scores of people heart attacks after they realized their entire futures had been looted by his and his corporate co-horts’ greed and gluttony (Lay and his wife had 15 houses, among other things, yet the missus still complained they didn’t have nearly enough money).

Since the scandal broke in 2001, we’ve learned of how they nearly shut down California with its fake energy crisis, saw the buckling of a major accounting firm that was found guilty of obstruction of justice, and watched as Lay’s co-conspirators , one-by-one, have been convicted and sentenced by jury (or sentenced themselves). Yet Lay, for a very long time, eluded justice. Finally, after being found guilty this past May of fraud and conspiracy, he was going to have to face the music, with a maximum of 45 years in prison, plus another 120 years in a separate case.

Guess he won’t have to fret about jail time anymore.

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