>It (Apparently) Pays To Be Bad.

>How can you teach kids anything in The Age of Rewarding Bad Behavior? The world is totally bonkers, as evidenced by the following piece in today’s Page Six about supermodel Kate Moss

Kate Moss might want to get photographed snorting cocaine more often. The sniffly supermodel’s earning power has soared since pictures of her Hoovering disco dust made headlines around the world. Despite the initial backlash – which included cheapie fashion superstore H&M dropping her from its ad campaign – she raked in cash with new deals with Burberry, Calvin Klein, Rimmel, Nikon, Roberto Cavalli and Virgin Mobile. The catwalk icon, 32, who earned about $7 million a year before the cocaine storm, will make about $18 million this year.

I deliberately put that last line in bold because I am simply astonished and horrified.

The world is insane. I just don’t understand it anymore.

New York Post: Page Six: Cash For Kate

2 thoughts on “>It (Apparently) Pays To Be Bad.

  1. >ah, come on lo. this shit been going on for years and with mass communication crazier than ever (look at us chatting on a blog, try this 20 years ago, ask what a blog was then) shrugged shoulders would appear.everyone loves the bad guy or gal. it draws upon the curiosity of what are they going to do next. who gives a shit about what the good-guy-next-door-does. it's the mutha fucka two doors down with the wild parties and loud music that has it goin' on.


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