>What The Hell? (Part 2)

>So that big explosion in New York yesterday that injured 15 people and momentarily scared the shit out of Americans everywhere because we thought it might be another terrorist attack turned out to be something a bit more domestic.

The demented doctor suspected of blowing up his $9 million upper East Side brownstone yesterday morning was on the verge of losing his beloved home in a bitter divorce settlement – and had vowed to “die in my house.”

Shortly before leveling the four-story E. 62nd St. building with a huge gas explosion that ignited terror fears and injured 15 pedestrians and firefighters, Dr. Nicholas Bartha sent a rambling, 14-page e-mail aimed at his estranged wife and other targets of his fury.

“When you read these lines your life will change forever. You deserve it,” the hulking physician ominously wrote his wife of 29 years, Cordula. “You will be transformed from gold digger to ash and RUBBISH digger.”

Bartha told her, “I will leave the house only if I am dead. You ridiculed me. You should have taken it seriously.”

The 66-year-old doctor .e-mailed the poison-pen missive to at least a dozen other people and organizations – including California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Fox News Channel – shortly before the failed suicide blast that left him critically burned and buried. The city was rocked about 8:40 a.m. when, officials believe, Bartha opened up the gas lines in his 19th century building before sparking the blast that reduced the home to rubble and sent flames and smoke high into the clear morning sky.

And after all that, the guy lived.

And now he doesn’t have the house, either.


Alright, Matt…unleash the Bobby Boucher jokes. Pronto.

New York Daily News – Home – Marriage, home go up in flames

4 thoughts on “>What The Hell? (Part 2)

  1. >This guy was wack. He was tormenting his wife with Nazi tactics — I suppose she was a child of the Holocaust or something. I got a call from a friend who lives a block away and he was like, I am not sure what it is but please find me a place in DC.And yeah, he lived and I don't even think his injuries are life-threatening. See, that's why I would never attempt suicide, cuz I would survive and have to face the fact that I couldn't even kill myself. Ain't that some shit.


  2. >and now, he's going to pay more. not just for the divorce, but for those who were injuried in the blast via a civil suit.oh, did i mention paying time in prison, probably for the rest of his life?ain't nuffin' wrong with NYC juan. tell your friend to hold down the fort on the upper east side. this ain't the time to run and hide. shit's gonna happen no matter where you be. when it's your time to go, you gone.


  3. >Tha' roof, tha' roof…tha' roof is on FIYA! I remember seeing Larry King out in the street, reporting the incident (because he was right next door when it happened) and I thought, "Now why couldn't that building have just fallen on him?" Am I the only one that thought that? Is this thing on?


  4. >LOL, Matt. I was on the Metro Liner with Larry King one morning from DC to New York and he fell asleep. His head was back and his mouth was open — let me tell you it wasn't a pretty sight.I don't know if I agree about the house falling on him but I certainly could do without him.


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