>No More Losing The House Without Leaving The House.

>Congress doesn’t want you to gamble online anymore.

With bipartisan support and the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal haunting Republican efforts to pass antigambling legislation, the House approved a crackdown on Internet wagering that would ban not only sports bets but also online poker and other games that have become increasingly popular.

Voting 317 to 93, the House approved a bill that would make it illegal for financial institutions or intermediaries to process payments to offshore casinos through bettors’ electronic funds, checks, debits and other e-wallet transactions. In addition, the bill updates the Wire Act of 1961, which forbade the transmission of betting over telephone lines, to specifically outlaw online gambling through any communication network. Criminal penalties would increase to a maximum of five years in prison, from two years.

One-by-one, they’re taking all our fun away.

Soon we won’t be able to do anything but go to work and go to war.

New York Times – House Backs Crackdown on Gambling on Internet

2 thoughts on “>No More Losing The House Without Leaving The House.

  1. >this really sux because the only time i gamble online is to play euro millions when they reach over the $100 million (USD) mark. the winner wins the jackpot and doesn't pay any taxes. all goes directly to the winner. but even so, if an american wins he/she will still be taxed once the winfall reaches the US soil and getting a european bank won't help either. once you've wire transferred any monies to a US bank, the taxes are basically seized in the transfer. the US sure do know how to fugg shit up for the average joe/jane.


  2. >Soon we won't be able to do anything but go to work and go to war.^^^^^You aint neva lied. So far here in Colorado they have made smoking illegal, fireworks, water bans, and worst of all banned all my favorite breeds of dogs.I'm like you, I wonder what is next.


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