5 thoughts on “Goodness, They’re Not Playing.

  1. >I suppose my favorite thing in this new war is that when Israel targets and kills civilians it's called "collateral damage", when Arabs do it, it's called "terrorism". Curious.


  2. >Now, Israel (same as Jew) has been showing it's ass since the "state" was created. You would think a people who lived through Hitler's madness would have more compassion for others but I guess they like "get them before they get us." Actually, who the fuck is in charge of there now?I am taking a class next week entitled Art, Spirituality and the Holocaust. I think I am going to make it my mission to start some shit in the class. Yeah, I am going to ask the obvious questions and make folk nerveous because I am sure there will no other black folk in that class. I'll keep you posted.


  3. >the only reason the u.s. is support the jews is because of the money the jews are runnin' over here. (and political handouts too!)if the israelies were apart of 9/11, do you think the u.s. would attack israel?hell naw….


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