>I Can Do This. Sorta.


This headline really caught my attention.

‘Bionic man’ can control robotic arm with his mind

Per the article:

A man paralysed from the neck down has shown he can open email, control a TV and move objects with a robotic arm by thought alone.

The 25-year-old American patient, Matthew Nagle, had a computer-linked implant placed in his brain that enabled him to operate devices just by thinking about it.

I used to be able to control one of my exes’ penis with the power of thought.

I could wish a boner upon him, and like a magic stick magic, it would appear. It was as though there was a hotwire direct from my brain to his, er, brain.

I have another friend (you know who you are) who said she possessed similar powers. She could think about wanting to have sex and her man would instantly want it, on command.

Imagine if women like us pooled our collective penis-controlling mental powers. There was a catch, though. (Isn’t there always when it comes to a penis?) See, I knew how to make it go up, but I had no clue how to will the damn thing down when it popped up at inappropriate moments. Men and their…brains.

I guess that’s why they call ’em “tricky dicks.”

8 thoughts on “>I Can Do This. Sorta.

  1. >Dicks are tricky like that. Just make sure you stay in the mood so the next chick doesn't get the benefit of your mental telepathy. Dicks have heads but they don't have eyes, so sometimes they can't find there way home.What's up with the roasted nuts photo, that's just wrong.


  2. >"Dicks have heads but they don't have eyes, so sometimes they can't find there way home."ROFL!!! Okay, that is the funniest shit EVER!!!!


  3. >Lance, if you look closely, and I know you've looked at yours before, the opening looks more like a set of lips than an eye. Maybe that's just mine. Ladies, maybe that's a question for you. Eyes or Lips?


  4. >Sometimes I put ruby red lipstick on the opening and talk with it…"How are you today, Tricky?""Sal-right!""Wow, that's great. What about this weather?""Sal-right!"You get the picture…unfortunately.


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