>It’s Deja Vu All Over Again.

>It’s Friday. Let’s get our party on. The video to my favorite new jam is finally here.

Let’s bust some Beyonce’ (and Jigga!!) moves.

I luh this damn song.

Enjoy!!! (Check out B throwing that Roc dynasty sign.)

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

7 thoughts on “>It’s Deja Vu All Over Again.

  1. >Both of them just take the game to a whole 'nother level. Beyonce gets the vote just because she's fine most of the time, but you have to give the girl props, she's got the talent, the voice and the moves. I wasn't always a fan of Jigga's, but as lyricists go, he can hang with the best of them. I actually like his moves off stage a lot more than on, because those moves reach farther in my opinion. Opens more doors. He's a true Sagitarrian; taking charge and kickin ashses! Makes me proud that we share the same b-day.


  2. >i think the she just went in there and danced. man forget hiring a choreographer just get in front of the camera and start moving. Only because its B it works.Im diggin this song..maybe cause im diggin my man…Sheletha~Circle of Sisters Bookclub~


  3. >well, y'all kno' how i is….so hereeeee we go.i saw the video. beyonce is fine. can dance. but that song…ehhhhhh, i'm not feelin' it. when jay-z does his thing, the song clicks, but take out his lyrics and she's just screaming to me. listen to near ending, i'm like…"why is she screaming????"oh, she's very talented. no doubt. but i guess i prefer ol' school, sangin'-type of artist like jill scott, india.irie or even alicia keys. try this test. put beyonce against another singer like this: beyonce vs. ?example: beyonce vs lauryn hilllauryn hill will win, hands down. don't front! she can bring the lyrics and spit the rhymes too.beyonce vs jill scottjill scott by a landslide and can suck on a neckbone at the same time!beyonce vs mariah careyare you serious?beyonce vs heather headleynot to mention that heather can really ACT! heather gets the nod.beyonce vs janet jacksonthe veteran is so damn sexy! jj at 40! you go girl!beyonce vs alicia keysalicia cause her range is so incredible. a true musician.so as you can see, when you do the math, how good does "B" match up? ain't much.


  4. >Lance when you put it like that, there is no room to argue. I guess I got to go with the male chauvinist response. She's just fine as hell! and she knows how to move that body, did you see her on the floor on the BET awards clip. Man!


  5. >LOL @ Lance, but as far as teams out there, they win hands down. I see another Will/Jada power couple thing going on here and I ain't mad any anybody who doing their thing and getting paid


  6. >yeah, that's probably what's gonna happen with "B" & "J"….she's the "homely" type anyway from her humble beginnings in the south. her younger sister, solange (i guess that's how you spell it) seems to have more life experience than her older sister, "B". she got pregnant, "oops" had the baby, married the baby daddy, divorced the baby daddy and now, "glorified" single mom. with $$$ proceeds coming from "big sis auntie B". i think beyonce and jay-z will probably hook up for marital bliss next year. around november. gotta let them hurricanes blow over first before honeymooning on a private island escape.


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