Ladies Who Brunch.

It was a great weekend all around, with Sunday turning out to be just as much fun as Saturday night.

Yesterday, a group of us celebrated my dear friend Shaun Robinson’s birthday at the very tony, very decadent, so much food it’ll make your head swim brunch at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

It was an absolute blast!!

Y’all know how proud I get when I see sistahs in Hollywood doing the damn thang, so it was extra special being gathered with such an extraordinary group who’ve worked really hard to make names for themselves.

There was excellent conversation all around, with lots of serious talk, fluffy talk, chitter-chatter, giggling, gut-busting laughter, and hardcore chowing down (the food there is KA-RAZY, ya’ll). It was nothing but us girls (except for the photographer), and the group included quite a nice mix, from beautiful living legend Natalie Cole, to the marvelous (wonderfully candid, funny,and straight-from-the-hip) actress LaTanya Richardson (who, of course y’all know, is married to the great Samuel L. Jackson), to the sharp and witty Cynthia Garrett, to the very dynamic Lyn Talbert, to Prince’s awesome new protege’, Támar

…to the very talented and lovely Sanaa Lathan to fashionistas/trendsetters Jennifer Theard McHenry and Shikiri Hightower Johnson (who have that fabulous boutique in Santa Monica, Golden Butterfly, loaded with all the shoes your heart desires; they’re at 1210A Montana Avenue, so if you’re in this area, you’d better scoot on over!!).

There were several awesome women in attendance, each of them noteworthy.

We all just wanted to toast Shaun, show her how much we love her, and make sure she had a good time, which she definitely seemed to.

Queen Latifah was sitting one table over with her own group. She dropped by our table to say hello. Yeah. It was that kind of gathering. Just full of lovely surprises.

What was even cooler was that LaTanya Richardson (who is a total hoot)…

…and I got to talking about, of all things, Snakes On A Plane (!!!). I told her about all my posts regarding the movie and she was sure she’d not only read The Lo Zone before (she recognized the name at once), but was also certain Sam had read it, too!! (She said he’s always reading what’s out on the internet.) Okay, how cool is that? I told her I’d e-mail her the links to all the posts I’ve done on him and the movie (and I did), so if there’s anything out there he hasn’t seen yet he can check it out.

It was quite a gathering, quite a day.

This weekend was a refreshing break after the weeks of intense nose-to-the-grind work I’ve been doing. But now it’s back to the grind…

*Thanks again to Lyn Talbert for letting me snap some pics with her digital camera and share some of the ones she took because, like I said, the camera on my brand new phone (which I thought would be pretty decent) is obviously a piece of merde.


25 thoughts on “Ladies Who Brunch.

  1. >that's what i'm talkin' about rich! we bruddas "stuck in this damn box" trying to get out!!!!! ;-ojust kiddin' lo….SO WHEN ARE YOU GONNA THROW DAT INAUGURAL LO-ZONE PARTY, HUH? HUH?…ain't kiddin' about this one! ;-)and YES, i'll fly acroos this damn USA, (all 3,000 miles) from NYC for that one! oh, by the way, they have a KIEHL store on columbus ave now. don't know how long it's been there, but i thought i saw PENN inside….lol.brudda rich, you don't for the cause?…pass the word!


  2. >next time, i need to previewin' my stuff, fo i sent it out into the world.typos: ACROSS instead of acroosbrudda rich, you DOWN for the cause, not DON'T….sorry 'bout that my peeples. don't won't all y'all to think i'm THAT igg'nant.


  3. >Yeah, fellas, yesterday's get-together was something special. One of those times when you're proud to be a black woman (of course, I'm always proud to be a black woman, but I think y'all know that already).Lance, I might have to look into that inaugural Lo Zone party. That might be something to really consider.


  4. >Lance, make no doubt about it, I'd be there with bells on, especially if Lo or Shaun can get Sanaa to come out for the event! Heck, I'd come out just for Lo, the rest of them are just icing on the cake. I'm all into finding out what the off-screen persona's are like anyway, so it would be a real good time.Lo, with all the hard work you have been doing, you are due for a party. Too bad we don't have your connections, I'm sure I could get some of these regulars to help jump this thing off.Y'all want this party startedRight!Y'all want this party started quicklyRight!Set it off, I suggest Lo,Set it off, I suggest Lo,Set it off!


  5. >Rich, don't think my friends aren't reading this blog. I'm at Lyn's house right now and when I got here, she said she had read these comments and was trying to figure out how to post one because she was going to say she thought it was a great idea and she'd help do the party (and she's really good at that kind of thing).So you see what you guys are starting?


  6. >Lynn, whenever you figure out how to post (choose "other" for identity and pick a suitable name) just give all of us some lead time. Lance is in New York, Juan is in DC, I'm in St. Louis, Dawnya is in Indiana – I think, I'm not sure where Matt or the Green-eyed Rican hail from, but the point is, all us regulars need time to plan. We won't even mention all of the readers who like hanging on the side line, I'm sure they don't want to be left out of the fun either. Lo can be a little shy about all this "fame" stuff, so Lynn you probably do need to make the plans. Who's down for some California love!! (I'm refering to the song – get your minds out of the gutter)


  7. >ditto! i fly out somewhere every month – i am game most def!!!I know you all had a blast!!!speaking of out!!! – i am leaving the midwest moving to savannah in 2 weeks any tips, wordz of wisdom or sumtin!!! or a job lol!Raye


  8. >ooooooo almost forgot to mention my gurl natalie cole (is she aging at ALL)… i have singing her songs since 4th grade LOVE HER!!! i am never star struck when i meet people but i believe all 32 or whateva i have left would be hanging out if i met her. so Lo WHEN IZ DA PARTY!!!


  9. >it's 5:06am, east coast time and i'm just getting in from work (13 hours of it!)…on goes the 'puter, "click" to the lo zone and WOW! 11 comments on a party for lo…woo-hoo!ain't no need to be all modest and stuff, lo. you deserve a party and one's comin' your way!now lyn, might not be hip to your blog. she'll figure it out. piece of cake. but shaun, yo' "ace boon coon"?….she knows her way around the blog very much. so much so, she's probably cussin' me out while reading this for puttin' her on the spot TO THROW THE GIZZAM OF THE YEAR!!!!! (well, co-gizzam. her party looked off the chain!)aiiight, shaun. roundup the ladies (and knuckleheads) and let's throw a party. now, if we party at a club. ain't no way in hell, we're leaving at 2am. that's the saddest thing about LA clubs (well, the ones i've been too) 1:30am, last call for alcohol 2:00am lights on (what the hell?) in NYC? at 2:00am? my taste buds are gearing up for another round drinks and the first beads of sweat are beginning to party too! after NYC clubbin', next thing is a 24 hour grease spoon diner and get your grub on. forget trying to beat the sun up. your brain won't let you.annnnyway. 'nuff 'bout NYC. let's just do the damn thing!hey lboogie. good luck in savannah. don't know much about it, other than it's very nice. there's the historically black university, savannah state there. i'm sure much african american history with the gullah people/ancestory up and down the SC/GA coast line.much success to you!


  10. >I live in Los Angeles but I'm game! I'm actually just leaving Arkansas tomorrow after my mother's memorial service. I can't wait to get back to Los Angeles and back to writing. But if anyone needs help setting this event up, I'll help in any way I can. Not sure what a white boy can do for a party except make sure we have enough Kenny Loggins and James Taylor music. Is that wrong?


  11. >sorry to hear about you mom's passing matt….kenny "this is it!" loggins?james "fire & rain" taylor?i'm feelin' them two. especially taylor with his song "mexico". all i wanna do is jump on a plane and head south for some real tequila, salt and lime.we're gonna make it happen. shoot me an email matt…we'll talk about it!


  12. >Matt, so very sorry to hear about your mom. We've got much love for you here and have you in our thoughts and hearts.I love James Taylor and Kenny Loggins. I have large amounts of both of their music. I've even got Loggins & Messina stuff.


  13. >aiiight y'all. get at me. matt, shaun, lyn, rich, juan, lboogie, mel, cortneygee and e'vrybody else (lo, mind ya bizness!) holla back at me at LDP565@AOL.COM for the party of duh year!(i work in the p.m. hours so i may not respond right away, but if you email me, i'll respond mainly in the wee morning hours (2am – 10am), east coast time.yeah, i know. crazy hours…..


  14. >Hey Matt – I like James Taylor too and what part of Arkansas. I am (and family) from Pine Bluff, Eldorado, Little Roch, Helena, West Helena and a rock called Rondo…


  15. >Thanks for the kind words, guys. It really means a great deal. I'm ready for a party, that's for sure. I usually go see James Taylor over at the Hollywood Bowl, depending on the girl I'm with at the moment (if I'm allowed, that is).I was born in Royal Oak, Michigan (suburb of Detroit) but moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas when I was four. My father was a cop in the Detroit Police Dept. and quit during the Detroit riots in the late 60's (he later told horror stories of what he witnessed). My mother's memorial was in Hot Springs but I'm up in Fort Smith currently, waiting for tomorrow's flight back to Los Angeles. Man, I can't wait.


  16. >I am late on this one. But yes, I am game for a cross country trek to party with Lo. I am showing my age, but damn, Natalie Cole looked good.4-Seasons in DC has a decadent brunch so I know yall had a diet busting good time. Lo, if you're in DC on a Sunday we'll have to check it out.


  17. >Bccause, Juan, y'all know how I do. I like to fade into the background and let others get their shine on. I enjoy reporting on what went on and showing pics of that than showing pics of me in the middle of the mix. Every now and then I might, but more often than not, I prefer to stay out of the frame. (Although pics were taken of me at the event by others. When I get them, I'll share.)


  18. >hmmm…something ain't rightthis just kinda dawned on me.i was looking at the post "ladies who brunch"…reading the story again and looking at the pictures. the picture of latanya, natalie, lyn and cynthia together reminded me of the movie "soul food" for some reason.just hear me out…hang on.y'all 'member in "soul food", three beautiful sistas, vanessa, vivica and nia were gettin' there cook on in the kitchen, food looking right and tasty. (everytime i see that movie, i get hungry as hell!)….but i digress.i wonder how many of "these" women, particularly those of the entertainment field, actresses, comics, broadcast journalist, etc. CAN REALLY COOK?!!!!and i'm thinking…hell, yeah. can y'all throw down? i might live in NY now, but i'm a country boy from NC. i'm looking at the picture and i saw latanya and i asked myself. "can you cook?". 'cause sam looks like he can use another sandwich at times. natalie, lyn, cynthia. "can y'all cook?"c'mon y'all. i know some of you women are probably sayin' to yourself, "this nigga lance!". but on the real tho'…"can y'all cook?". damn, what the man can do. shit, it's about y'all. beautiful and attractive as sanaa lathan is….but "can she cook?" y'all can only live on hype, glamour and bullshit for so long and at the end of the day, when the smoke clears and it's all about the "real" you. can you cook? halle, can you cook? might not have been another ass eric benet was after, but another piece of chicken!maaaaaaan, shit. lemme tell ya. hmph, hmph, hmph. ain't nuthin' like a woman who knows how to cook. i'm talkin' about puttin' her foot in it kinda cookin'! i'm talkin' about woooooo, damn. food so damn good, you can remember the time when you ate it. shaun robinson. c'mon nah babycakes? "can you cook?" i'm sure some of y'all got that fugg'd up california mentality of eatin' right. salads and shit. but i'm BLACK MAN. that means you gon' haft to have a bottle of crisco somewhere up in the kitchen! back to "soul food" again. vanessa, vivica and nia. all are single in REAL LIFE. why? i'on kno. but can they cook? this ain't hollywood y'all. ain't no stunt double COOK up in here. y'all gotta get down, with the get some of y'all women might see a handsome brutha with his "anti-cute" woman and wonder, "why she with him?"….cause she probably can COOK! look, ladies. sex is a given. it's probably the most overrated aspect of a relationship, 'CAUSE YOU EAT MORE THAN YOU FUCK! you think i'm bullshittin'you? do the math. eat FIVE times a day (3 BASICS & 2 SNACKS)…at least 30 mins on the basics x 3 = 90 mins and 15 mins on the snacks x 2= 30 mins. that's a 120 mins a day! TWO HOURS EVERYDAY?!!!! ain't nobody fuckin' that much. and if you are, you're hungry as hell afterwards so you eat longer. so all you single women out there. now you know the KEYS to gettin' man. a fat ass, a smile and a plate of freshly home cooked (DON'T CHEAT & GO TO KENTUCKY) fried chicken and sides. don't forget the sweet tea! 😉


  19. >Lance, the subject of cooking actually came up during the brunch (because there was so much food laid out before us) and LaTanya specifically told me that she didn't have a cook. She made a point of noting that she wasn't into all those types of Hollywood frills (having a driver, etc.). And I know for a fact that Lyn Talbert is an excellent cook because I've eaten at her and David's home too many times to mention (Lyn's brother is also a chef). Shaun is also an excellent cook. I've mentioned on this blog that Karrine Steffans has shared with me recipes that turned out to be quite delicious. Everyone in Hollywood isn't a facade and whether someone can cook or not isn't always the reason someone is single (I'm single and most of my friends not only know how much I love to cook—I'm the friend who brings over cakes, cookies, biscuits, makes soup when you're sick, brings dinner over just on a whim; I also had a small catering company in the late 80's). Many of the black women in Hollywood, whether they are second-generation Hollywood (like Natalie and Sanaa) or not, came from heritages just like yours where great pride was taken in cooking and gathering around the table with family.


  20. >easy, sadie, eeeeeeeasy….lo, you should know me by now. play on words, just messin' with y'all. i'm sure most of you sistahs can throw down in the kitchen. with ease.a woman that can cook, can really steal a man's heart. (not that i wanna lay up 'round the house and get swol from eating her cooking)from being a bachelor of the past 11 years, i can do a lil sumthin', sumpthin' in the kitchen also.ahhhh, nuthin' like two people making beautiful love in the kitchen…..oh, yeah and cooking too!


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