The Time Was Six O’Clock On The Swatch Watch…

This past Saturday night, I went to an outdoor concert at The Greek Theater with my dear friends, award-winning playwright David E. Talbert and his supercool, super-savvy, super-fly wife, Lyn. We had the bestest time!!! Talk about flashing back to the early 90’s. Check out the lineup:


En Vogue

Bell Biv Devoe

And the headlining act…*drumroll*…

Bobby Brown!!!


SWV opened the show and got the crowd going.

Coko’s voice was truly amazing…

…strong, crystal clear, and incredibly soulful. We were singing and swaying along to the music.

Next up were En Vogue

…sans the fabulous Dawn Robinson, who always brought a wonderful rock edge to the group. There was another girl in her place who had a good voice, but her presence only served to make Dawn’s absence that much more glaring. Sorry folks, but En Vogue without Dawn Robinson just ain’t En Vogue to me.

After the ladies, it was all about the men. Bell Biv Devoe set the crowd on FIYAH!!

We were on our feet dancing, singing, and rapping at the tops of our lungs. Of course, Bobby Brown was unable to contain himself and wait his turn (even though he was centerpiece of the night), and rushed out onstage (along with Johnny Gill!!!)…

…in the middle of Do Me.

As for Bobby, he was the biggest surprise of all.

He had the entire place on its feet with his enthusiasm, strong voice, hyperactive background dancers, and astonishingly impressive charisma.

That’s right, y’all, Bobby was a genuine rock star. He owned the stage and the night. You couldn’t take your eyes off him once he stepped out. He was in fighting shape, having lost that gut we caught one too many glimpses of on his reality show, “Being Bobby Brown.” Homie’s been working on his game, big-time. He sang nearly all of his hits, from the fast joints to the ballads. It was a straight-up party!!!

We even got an extra, unexpected dose of sexual chocolate when R&B/film star Tyrese made a cameo.

He came out and chatted with the audience during an intermission (ooh-wee, the teefes on that brother!!!) and he hit a few notes of Sweet Lady a capella. Bobby brought him back out during his performance (and Johnny, separately) to sing a few bars of Bobby’s songs. Both Tyrese and Johnny showed out when they got their hands on the mic. Johnny even preached a little. Them brothas can shonuf sang!!! Shonuf, shonuf.

I reconnected with my deeper blackness that night, y’all. I needed that shot (of soul) in the arm. I’m sayin’. This town and this business will drain the melanin out of you, if you let it. I gotta fight for my right to stay black (as if I could be anything else).

*Thanks to Lyn Talbert for sharing the pics she snapped with her digital camera!! The pics from my cameraphone came out like hot garbage.

5 thoughts on “The Time Was Six O’Clock On The Swatch Watch…

  1. >….no time to be late — heyyyyy, the girl is gonna do me — move to the jacuzzi — ohhh that booty, smack it up flip, rub it down, oh nooooo!Looks like an amazing weekend you had there. The music alone would have done me good. The brunch seemed like icing on the cake.


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