Go. See. This. Movie.

As you know, on Wednesday night I went to the premiere of producer Lee Daniels’ directorial debut, “Shadowboxer.” It opens today in select theaters around the country (<== click hyperlink to check for your city).

I can’t emphasize enough how much I enjoyed this movie. I was riveted all the way through, never once sure of the film’s final destination, but totally gripped by the journey. (For the record, the final destination was quite satisfying.)

Cuba Gooding Jr. is absolutely incredible.

Seriously. This is Cuba like you’ve never seen him before. He totally blew us away (I went to the screening with Lyn Talbert and Diondre Jones). Cuba got his street cred back and then some. Excellent acting, excellent role. The entire cast was exceptional.

Everything about the movie was top shelf, including the breathtaking cinematography and the elegant, poignant score.

I was bursting with pride and glee for Lee Daniels for such a remarkable accomplishment. We got a chance to connect with him at the after-party at a totally cool spot on Sunset called Falcon. (The atmosphere was perfect, the food was delish, and the deejay was banging.)


Check out the trailer for Shadowboxer(click “play,” the arrow button, to watch). And please, support this film. It truly is a coup on behalf of well-done independent filmmaking.

*My head looks enormous in that pic.

Shadowboxer – Official Movie Website!
Shadowboxer Theater Locations
Lee Daniels Entertainment
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6 thoughts on “Go. See. This. Movie.

  1. >LOL, so Lo, you having a "Mary J" moment about that photo. We know how big your head ain't. Don't even worry about it. I am definitely planning on seeing this one.I see Lee is giving wetlook these days (no comment). He was back in Harlem yesterday getting a street hustler to buy up any copies of his movie that he saw. Now is that enterprising or what?But I just luvs to see peeps (especially those who are part of my tribe) looking well, doing well, and being well.HAPPY FRIDAY


  2. >ROFL! Yeah, Juan, I was having a Mary moment when I looked at my head. My head is actually comically small in real life, which is the joke of all this (it disappears when I put on a hat and baseball caps have to be put on the last notch or have a new hole cut in them).Lee was all class and coolness. So he was back in Harlem yesterday rustling up bootleggers? Dang! That was both fast and proactive!I absolutely love this movie. It's noir, it's gangster, it's the ultimate love story. When it (legally) comes out on DVD, it is definitely going to be an important part of my collection.


  3. >Aw shucks, Greeneyedrican, thank you! I try to make this a spot people where folks in cyberspace want to chill, share information, and hopefully take some away with them in the process. You should definitely see this movie. I can't rave about it enough.


  4. >Lo, here's what's in the drink, I am trying to find out the amounts:puree of fresh mangotriple secorange vodkaMacchu Pisco liquorlime juiceIf I can stay awake (you know it's hard for an old man) I am going to the 10:00 show of Shadowboxer tonight. From the clip, I can't wait.I'll hit you back with my thoughts and also if I can find the combination of ingredients.Peace


  5. >Okay, this movie was off the chain. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Cuba was definitely in Oscar mode on this one. I'll only say I've never seen arrested development portrayed so genuinelyLo, did you check out the Kiehl's placement. I saw my shaving cream, body lotion, etc. etc. Lee's cameo was good too and Macy Gray was mad, mad crazy.GO SEE THE MOVIE


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