3 thoughts on “>No Shit, Sherlock.

  1. >Just another awful attempt to get the black vote. He worked his magic on voters (not me or any of you other politically aware people) with that whole "religious theme" he ran under for re-election. I still can't believe people believed that, but I digress. Bush skips out for five years, and NOW he decides it time to go see the "coloreds". Give me a break. They see the polls. Nobody wants Republicans in office, they have made an awful mess of things. Even the moderate conservatives are considering voting for the other team. I guess C.R.E.A.M. is everybody's motto these days. They are breaking the pockets of their own following and unless the Dem's just straight up choke on this opportunity, the Republican's will have hell to pay in the coming elections.


  2. >I'm befuddled by this, completely. After Katrina, I'm shocked they didn't hang him from the rafters at this event. I…I just don't get it. His tag line should've been, "Give us your vote quick, before the next hurricane comes!" Kudos to the bravehearts that heckled and very vocally bemoaned his presence at this event. Shame on those who applauded. Does anyone really believe any of the dog doo (no offense to dog doo) that comes out of this guy's mouth?


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