Congratulations, Vickie!!!

This past Friday, my dear friend (and Lo Zone regular), Victoria Christopher Murray

…received the 2006 Phillis Wheatley Award at the kickoff reception of the Harlem Book Fair.

For those who don’t know, Vickie pretty much singlehandedly launched the genre of Christian fiction in African-American literature. Since the success of her first novel, Temptation

…(which was originally self-published, then picked up by Warner Books, who also, as a result, started an entire Christian fiction line called Walk Worthy Press), publishing houses have unleashed waves of Christian fiction from African-American authors once they realized that us coloreds we enjoy reading all types of literature (gasp!), including books that emphasize God’s message.

“I didn’t even know that Christian fiction existed,” she said. “I knew that I wanted write a book that was entertaining, compelling and put God in the middle and still have the book be a page-turner.”

Since those early days, Murray’s books have regularly earned her spot on the Essence magazine’s bestseller’s list and garnered her a nomination for a 2001 NAACP Image Award.

The Wheatley Book Award honors the memory of the late African-American poet Phillis Wheatley. The award recognizes literary excellence and achievement that transcends cultural boundaries and perceptions, according to Max Rodriguez, the former publisher of QBR—The Quarterly Black Book Review and founder of the Harlem Book Fair. Past recipients include Dr. Maya Angelou, Maryse Conde, Carol Jenkins and Haki Madhubuti. In addition to Murray, this year’s honorees are Walter Dean Myers, author of the 1993 biography of Malcolm X; Omar Tyree, the outspoken author of 13 books that mainly focus on urban hip-hop culture; Chester Higgins, a photojournalist whose works have appeared in the New York Times, Black Enterprise and Art News; and Jan Carew, an educator and author whose works incorporate some of his experiences as an educator and author in Europe, Guyana and the U.S.

I’m mighty proud of Vickie. She’s been my friend through thick and paper thin, and I’ve watched her work realllllllll hard for everything she’s got. She’s determined, resilient, incredibly talented, and definitely God’s child, shining her lovelight everywhere she goes.

Much love, girl. You more than deserve this moment in the sun!

Don’t forget, y’all, her new novel, A Sin And A Shame

…the long-awaited followup to Temptation (featuring her most scandalous character ever, Jasmine), is in stores now. Be sure to pick it up!!

Amsterdam News: New York author to receive Phillis Wheatley Award; Harlem Book Fair highlights weekend literary celebration
Victoria Christopher Murray’s Official Website

9 thoughts on “Congratulations, Vickie!!!

  1. >Congrats Vickie, I have your new book thanks to the Lo Zone. I'm doing some writing of my own and haven't taken the time to read yours yet, but it's coming. I keep eyeing it on my shelf. It's calling my name. I did flip the first few pages and could tell it was going to be good, but I like to give my full attention, so I'll wait until I can do that. Much love to you for keeping God first!Hey Juan G, are you the "Juan G" who works with Michael Baisden on the radio show? I listen to the show every here and there and he always gives a shout out to his producer/dj Juan G. Would that be you?


  2. >Rich,You know, I never thought of that, but I am not the same "Juan G." Ironically, my car tags says DJ2MDK and everyone thinks I am a DJ. But that stands for Daddy Juan 2 Mark, Danielle and Kristopher — my 3 kids


  3. >Love the pic, Juan!! And you ARE a writer, not a wannabe. I've seen your writing. You are quite good. You respect the craft, you've done more classes, seminars, and retreats about the art of writing than some of the long-established authors I know (you're even on the board of esteemed writers' groups!). Having a book out does not a writer make. I told anyone who would get near me (and some of those who were nowhere in my vicinity) that I was a writer YEARS before I was ever formally published. When I think of you, I always think of a serious writer. Wannabes wish they had the clout and skill that you do.


  4. >congrats vickie!!!! job well done!!! i've been juggling so much over the past couple of weeks, i didn't know the harlem book fair was going much for living on long island! daddy juan! s'up playa?!!!


  5. >Lo, thanks for your kind words . . . we still have to chat about Shadowboxing. I've been on the phone non-stop since Friday night telling people to run and see that movie.Oh, I switched up — I figured two of my pictures in one post was enough.Lance, you got to get out my brother. It's every year around the same time so there is no excuse for missing next year's Harlem Book Fair.Lo, are you doing Miami this year?


  6. >Ah, thanks, Lo! My goodness, you did an entire commercial for me today!!!! Thanks for all the love, Lo Zoners. And, you guys all need to know that I wouldn't be anywhere near here if it wasn't for Lo! So, much love to you, Lolita!!!


  7. >Victoria! Congratulations! As soon as I learn to read I'm getting your book! I have a friend who has self-published several novels in a series whom I have great hopes for. He never seems to want to take the business end of the advice, however. Also, I'm really bummed out because I recently penned a movie about a group of Hollywood agents taking a flight to New York together titled, "Snakes On A Plane"…who stole my title? Dammit. (Hope my agent doesn't view this site)Congrats again Victoria


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