A whole album of Biggie

…and Gnarls Barkley mash-ups, mixing some of Biggie’s classic songs with songs from Gnarls Barkley’s instant megahit cd, St. Elswhere.


The result? An extraordinary piece of musical superbness called The Gnotorious Gnarls Biggie.

Produced by two cats who call themselves Sound Advice

…the songs have been taken down repeatedly from MySpace, but these guys will not be stopped, so they’ve put up a website where you can hear the tunes for yourself.

Click the link===>here<===to go to the site and listen to the songs (click each song title and it will begin to play; don't be alarmed when the title gets blurry when you pass your cursor over it…that's just a part of their cleverness). I smell another renegade (read, illegal) must-have monster classic, a la The Grey Album.


Lawdamercy. I think I’m in love. This thing is extra swole.

*Hint: Right-clicking on a song (and holding the “option” key on a Mac) once it starts playing should save it to your desktop. What? They want you to take it. That’s what these illegal mash-ups (and the website) are for. Even the original artists often give the mash-up folks mad props for the clever things they do with their music.

The Gnotorious Gnarls Barkley
Sound Advice – Proper Records, Mixed Properly

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