…I Got My Cootie Shot!!!

Jamie Kennedy is out his rabbit-ass mind. This song is so silly. I’ve been singing it ever since I saw him and his partner Stu Stone perform it on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few weeks ago. The song is called Circle Circle Dot Dot (from their new rap album!?!?!), Blowin’ Up)…

…and it’s totally insane (think The Beastie Boys, but flat-outstupid).


This next song is straight-up silly fun. It’s with and about actor/comedian Bob Saget, who is nowhere near as wholesome as his corny tv persona. (Don’t believe me? Check him out in the movie The Aristocrats telling the ultimate filthy joke.) Warning: the song, lyrically, is kinda raw. It’s also got some interesting cameos.


Jamie Kennedy World
Amazon.com: Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone – Blowin Up
Jamie Kennedy on MySpace.com

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