>Is Quincy Trying To Get His Ghetto Pass Back?


It’s no secret that the great Quincy Jones

…loves the white light ladies.

Current lady(?)

We won’t even get into that conversation because that’s an intracultural debate that has lots of deep, psychological roots. Or not. Whatever the reason, I won’t cover it in this blog today because it’s an exhaustive, subjective topic. The bottom line, though, is Q loves himself some porcelain flesh, which is why I wasn’t surprised when I was flipping through my new issue of Vogue magazine (August 2006) and found him strutting his stuff with yet another fair-faced lovely in a Jimmy Choo ad.

Then things took a shocking turn. First, Q had ol’ girl changing the tire on his big black ride as he monitored things from the cool interior of the car.

Then he apparently offed ol’ girl and was digging a hole to bury her, once the tire-changing was done.

[click image to enlarge; click once more to really see the dead white girl in pretty shoes]

What the hey?

Shades of O.J., anybody? This totally caught me offguard. An image of a powerful black man killing a white woman and digging a hole to bury her…in a high-end shoe ad? The world, she is definitely a-changin’.

4 thoughts on “>Is Quincy Trying To Get His Ghetto Pass Back?

  1. >i never really thought about the O.J. thing. what Q does in private and in the biz, maybe apples and oranges to the public's eye.but he's always been THE DUDE…i think the ad was to show his persona of being a ol' skool, bad mutha (shut yo' mouf) kinda guy. right away, i knew who he was. the model???? i dunno.


  2. >Q is Q is Q is Q.Actually I think wifey number one was also non-Black. Dinah Washington may have had something to do with him steering clear of women of color. According to Q's bio, a very young Dinah banged the balls off of an even younger Q and then called his then wife to tell her. The wife left and the rest is, as they say, history.The first picture has something burning in the background. I wonder if there is a video that goes along with this shoot. Seems Shadowboxy to me but with the rolls reversed. In terms of the shoes — those are definitely come fuck me pumps.


  3. >Our past plays a big part in the present, especially in regards to the people we date and/or marry. As Juan G said, it's all laid out in his Autobio. It was pretty good too. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a good read or listen (if you get the audio version – it's abrigded so you miss out on a little.)


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