Hope That “Sorry” He Ate Was Delicious.

I guess ol’ boy found out who really owns Malibu.

Jewish people don’t play when it comes to someone disparaging them. The NAACP (they’ve still got the words “Colored People” in their name, for criminy!!!) could learn a thing or million from the ADL. When we’re dissed, the NAACP pickets and boycotts. Jewish folks effect change overnight. You’ll suddenly find yourself snubbed everywhere you go. Your Starbucks won’t even taste the same. Hell, you might not even be able to get into Starbucks.

You definitely won’t be able to get into Jerry’s.

16 thoughts on “Hope That “Sorry” He Ate Was Delicious.

  1. >how 'bout lolita goldberg? you and whoopi could be at least….sisters? cousin? her adopted daughter? you can fill in the blank there.yeah, dem jews sho do know how to payback. quick. fast. and in a hurry. mostly payback from the "passion of the christ" film. i'm surprised ABC pulled the film considering the $$$$ they probably would have raked in from the miniseries, but then again the jews are prolly (no, they are) controlling the purse strings there too. hmmmm, i wonder if there's such a thing as a japanese jew?


  2. >You are cracking me up with this one. Can't wait to see Lo Filestein. On, the serious side, we could learn a lot from them. They would have never taken the Presidential snub the "Coloreds" took these last few years, but that's an old topic. Mel Gibson has nothing to worry about, this isn't "Heimi Town" revisted, they'll give him a pass, he was drunk for Christ sakes. He's already working the plan; apologize, go to rehab, apologize again on the way out, and go on to make another multi-million dollar payday.


  3. >I don't know, Rich. Alcohol is a truth serum. People tend to lose all inhibitions and say what's really on their minds.Haven't you ever heard the phrase, "in vino veritas" ("there is truth in wine")?


  4. >mel makes too much damn money for dem to turn their backs on him. but then again, WE'RE buying up everything on the planet and nobody gives a shit about us…go figure.ONE BLACK FIST IN THE AIR……AND THE MIDDLE FINGER IS BEGINNING TO RISE WITH THE SUN.


  5. >You learn so much on this site. First the "Peter Principle" now "in vino veritas". I feel like I was asleep in all those literature classes or maybe I just attended a boot leg high school. One can't know for sure, but thanks for the lesson, and that was a good point to boot.Lance is like Black Aristotle or something, funny but enlightened, maybe he's the son of Negrodomas (from the Chappelle Show) – LOL!


  6. >I've studied Judaism (on and off) because I was always amazed at the "drive" many of my Jewish friends had. And they are real clear on never, ever, ever letting any of their children forget their history.But as an aside, Mel Gibson is looking strangely like Saddam Hussein when he was pulled form hiding. Take a close look at that picture. I know he's supposedly from down under but I think there may be a link between the two.But historically Jews were intrusted with jobs that others found to be beneath them, i.e., handling of money (go figure) and garments for example. Now that makes absolutely no sense but it was capitalized on. Now any fool with any sense at all knows who runs Hollywood. Think back to the days of the film titans and those who weren't "obvious" Jews had changed their names dropping a "berg" or "stein" along the way. Many Jews are living under names that were assumed by their ancestors several generations ago. But I digress.Most forms of entertainment were historically run by Jews. Publishing is losing its grip with all the multi-national ownership taking place these days and the Germans have a fair share in that, but when the houses were independently or family owned most of them were held by Jews.Mel must have bumped his head, but I'll have to give his "spin team" much credit for putting him in rehab so quickly. For most of us the "sympathy" card will work but I must tell you Jews don't forget.


  7. >yeah, juan. you're right about the jews not forgetting. seems like when rev. jesse jackson is in the spotlight, "hymietown" tends to come up.OH SHIT! I JUST REMINDED THEM!!!!!


  8. >by the way, that pic of mel on the blog, i believe that was taken during his "passion of the christ" promo press conferences. for someone who is a devout catholic, if he would have put on one of them BLACK HATS, WHITE SHIRT, BLACK PANTS, (highwaters, of course) LONG BLACK COAT and BLACK SHOES. hell, i'd thought he was a jew myself…..especially if i saw him in BROOKLYN!!!! OY VEY!!!!


  9. >OMG! I thought I was seeing thing. Not to seem all teenagery or anything, but I can't believe you responded to my comment and actually wrote my name. Giggle. Silly of me I suppose. But you made my day. Your writing is such fun! Thanks Lo. Love Lo Filestein btw. LOL


  10. >LOL, Sharon! I actually read the comments on my blog. I don't always get a chance to respond right away because I may be in the middle of a project or a meeting (I'm notorious for sneaking peeks on my laptop while I'm in meetings or in a work group situation—I'm often accused by others at the meeting of having A.D.D.). But I'm aware of every single thing that goes on out here, and I really appreciate knowing you're in The Lo Zone!


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