Meet Lo Filestein!!!

That’s right, baby. I’m Jewish!!!*

(*In cartoon form, anyway.)

Lo Filestein’s in a big lush fur (may as well make her really paid), she’s got a nice, conservative bun (she’s an old skool, old money Jewish girl, not a flashy so-called JAP), she’s reading the Torah, and yup, you guessed it, her mouth’s in a circle because she’s saying, “Oy!

Expect to see South Park Lo Filestein show up from time to time, just like her cyber-siblings, LoZone and HoZone.

Just watch how you deal with her. She’s extremely likeable and quite wise, but if you dare disrespect her, she will SHUT YOUR SH*T DOWN.

I’m just sayin’.

6 thoughts on “Meet Lo Filestein!!!

  1. >Right, since you are paid, can a brother get a loan. None of that high interest rate stuff either, I need the family discounted rate. – LOL!On the serious side, It's good to meet you. I'll look forward to you espousing some of those secrets that make you all the most paid cultural group in modern society. OK!!!Until then, I'll holla, I'm not sure what the proper salutation is, so please excuse my ignorance.


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