>Heaven, I’m In Heaven…

>Yesterday, I stumbled across liquid paradise while at a gas station. I went inside to buy a bottled water after filling up my car and noticed the following:

It was called Diet Pepsi Jazz and the flavor was Strawberries & Cream. I was like, what the…?, but the temptation was too great to resist. I don’t drink regular sodas anymore and usually don’t care for diet ones, but I’ve had a lifetime long-standing relationship with the Pepsi Corporation, so I figured I’d give it at least one shot. It helped that it was a zero calorie beverage.

The darn thing was tres yummy. In a matter of minutes I had sucked it down. It also comes in Black Cherry French Vanilla.

Lance, why didn’t you tell me about this stuff? You know how I get about Pepsi!!!

Diet Pepsi Jazz
Diet Pepsi Jazz – BevNET.com Review

9 thoughts on “>Heaven, I’m In Heaven…

  1. >Lo, haven't seen these on the East Coast yet. Are they sweetened with aspertame or splenda? The Black Cherry would probably be more to my liking.But try mixing Crystal Light lemonade and iced tea together. My kids drink that more than the regular "paul newman" brand. It's very good and quite addictive.


  2. >to be honest with you lo…you may be one of the lucky ones selected to be test marketed before the national release campaign, probably in a couple of weeks, before the labor day weekend. we've just started making the product last week, but i haven't sampled it yet. i kinda knew it would eventually come, particularly the diet black cherry vanilla from dr. pepper fame. but the diet strawberry & cream came outta left field. i had no clue.bottoms up!


  3. >well, in this day of the internet, i did a google search on RR and she's all over the planet looks like with 30 minute this and thats…there's even a rachael ray sucks webpage.imagine that…


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