>B*tch(es) Betta Have My Money.


Guess who’s suddenly decided to be free?

America Online will now be a freebie for consumers…


By giving away many features to high-speed customers, company hopes to trade the revenue it now receives for services for a significantly larger audience, which will in turn allow it to sell a lot more advertising at much higher rates.

As part of the audience push, company also said it has been reserving email addresses for customers who have defected over the last two years and will now give those addresses back to them.

Ain’t that a *#$@!^%$!!*@ bitch!!!

I say bump reserving the damn e-mail addresses, give me a refund for all the freaking YEARS I’ve been a paying customer, only to find it’s now going to be a free service. I’ve been a member since 1993 (!!!) and never once left, even though I have free accounts elsewhere, as well as my own website (which provides me with three hundred e-mail addresses).

I want some reparations, if you know what I mean. I’m glad it’s going to be free for high-speed customers, but what about all the money I’ve sunk into their overly-uptight subscription service because I thought it would be too troublesome to reprogram the legions of people who already knew my AOL address to another e-mail address.

This is some damn bullshit.

Variety.com: Cable able as TW changes face of AOL

7 thoughts on “>B*tch(es) Betta Have My Money.

  1. >this is BULLSHIT!!!!i can only imagine how you must feel lo, cause you became a member 'round about the time al gore discover the internet……but i digress.i join in '97 and like millions of others, dealt with the crappy customer service, the hang-you-by-your-nuts credit card or bank draft payments and of all things, THE LOYALTY of staying with them, when the freebies tempted me to come to the light as i chose to PAY (like a damn fool) so i could keep my aol buddies close and, well, y'all know what i mean….let's do the math…unlimited service: $27.99 per month x 12 months/year x 9 years = $3,022.92…and for what?! to allow everyone else to party for free after i done invested all the money, time and effort into the hookup? WE WANT REPARATIONS!!!! REPARATIONS NOW!!!!


  2. >Don't forget to tack in the months they were charging $59.99 for DSL service before it became widely available for less. I left in 2003, after having them for about 5 years, because of the high DSL charges. SBC and Yahoo were just an easier pill to swallow. The thing that trips me out is how we (consumers) are getting jacked for everything coming into the home and sometimes car now. You could easily spend upwards of $200 month just on TV (cable, satellite and TiVo), Radio (XM or Sirius) and Internet. Heck, stick that in a good investment vehicle for 15 to 20 years (some of us have had cable that long) and you'd be pretty well off financially.Too bad we've grown accustomed to these lifestyles, because if we weren't so attached, maybe we could get our money out of all of these types of companies, by shutting their a$$e$ down for a month or two. Power to the people!


  3. >This revolution will not be televised, or downloaded into your ipod, or seen on YouTUBE, or bootlegged on Crenshaw…still on the floor beacuse of the al gore comment…thanks lance for the bruises on the knees!Sheletha


  4. >hey rich, i don't know if you invest in the stock market game. hell, i don't. but i'm sure DELL COMPUTERS has to hot right now. with school starting in a few weeks, those computers gotta be flying out the building faster than sooperman!


  5. >mmm, perhaps I was the only one to see the future. I left AOL back in 97 and never looked back. I've had my own domain now for about 5 years so no matter how I get to the internet my email address is going to be the same.Lance, Dell lost a considerable market share as did all PC's. Apple been kicking serious butt for a few years now. I still keep a toshiba laptop for those things I simply can't do on my MAC but I have a MAC desktop and just got a MacBook Pro to replace my MAC Powerbook. HP is the one to watch in terms of PC's


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