The Bleakest Sh*t I’ve Ever Seen.

While I was working last night, the movie, Open Water came on.

I’d never seen it before and found myself helplessly pulled in.


Scram now if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to know any details.

You gone yet?


Boy, I thought some of the stuff I wrote was pretty dark. This flick ruined the rest of my night. I was almost afraid to go to sleep.

Sharks and abandonment. Two of my worst nightmares.

And the damn thing has the nerve to have a sequel on the way called—what else?—Open Water 2. Here’s the trailer. Try not to let it wreck your day. It’s in German, so that might make things easier. (Notice there are never black folks left behind in these scenarios. I mentioned this once before in a blog post at the end of last year. There’s a reason you don’t hear much about black victims of shark attacks. I’m just sayin’…)

I definitely won’t be getting in ANYBODY’s lakes, oceans, ponds, or jacuzzi’s* any time soon.

Dayum. Can a girl get a happy ending every once in a while?

*What? As if. The jacuzzi’s in Hollywood are full of sharks. Didn’t you know?

4 thoughts on “The Bleakest Sh*t I’ve Ever Seen.

  1. >sheeeeeet…you think that's a nightmare. imagine your humble, sweet loving dawgs wantin' a change in their diet. chillin' back up in the cut, lickin' their chops as they watch you sleep.a house full of cujos?….no thank you.


  2. >I'm in screenwriting mode, Lance. While you bullshittin', that might make a good movie.Don't worry, I'll shout you out somehow. I'll have the dogs eat you first.


  3. >well, they betta bring the hot sauce. you know how us country boys get down!SHOUT out?… about SHOOTIN' out some flow my way for the idea? just cause yous in hollywood doin' the damn thing, don't turn in to lo filestein yet!…lolmuch love to ya…kk


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