>A Really Bad Deal.

>I saw this commercial for Friday’s last night and laughed so hard, I had to find it online to share with y’all.

We’re so socialized to seek out all things physically attractive, thinking that’s the big part of the battle. We get all caught up in whether the guy or the girl is cute. Well, this little piece blows that theory to smithereens. Too funny!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

14 thoughts on “>A Really Bad Deal.

  1. >Lance, the reports I got saturday morning (last week) stopped me from going to see it. My daughter came out and said, "with the all the hype, that movie sucked." Out of the mouth of babes (albeit 19 y.o.)Have a great weekend, man.


  2. >Rich, I wanna hear your relationship spiel. (Oh wait…I heard it already.)Lance and Juan:MIAMI VICE SUCKED GINORMOUS ASS.Save your money. Seriously.


  3. >Sorry Michael Mann…must wait for Blockbuster on this one. Heat was alright, liked Collateral, didn't love it…thought this was going to be the big, big Mann hit…but all I hear are groans from friends who saw it. Dammit! Oh well…Casino Royale is coming.


  4. >Well, Lo, you could have softened that, but then again, that's what I love about you — you shoot from the hip.Going to Ceiba tomorrow for dinner — we'll toast you.


  5. >Juan:I was actually saying that to people in the lobby as I emerged from the theater. I'll never get those two-and-a-half wasted hours back and I was mad as hell about it.Matt:"Heat" was extraordinary and is my favorite Michael Mann movie. It was a visual bonanza with an incredible set of storylines and a cast swollen with first-rate actors. "Ali" was also extremely well-done. Ditto "Collateral." Which is why I'm so damn disturbed at the fiasco that is "Miami Vice." Between that and Jamie's retardedly-comical, wooden acting, I was the damn town crier when the movie let out. Getteth your money backeth! This flicketh is shit!!"


  6. >….and shadowboxer is only showing in ONE THEATRE IN NYC!!!! i must make tracks to see it, before the national release, if it gets released. i'm hearing some critics are throwing stones at it too. (not lo-zoners mind you)has anyone seen the trailer to will smith's "the pursuit of happyness". it's based on a true story and looks like a sure Oscar winner for will, at least a nomination. it also debuts will's son, jaden as his son in the film…..about miami vice. the only reason i would want to see the movie would be to check out the ferrari f430 spyder that colin was driving. hopefully a good car chase scene with a ferrari vs lamborghini like they did once on the t.v. show. what did jamie drive, an sky blue escalade?….lol


  7. >Well Heat has to be my favorite Mann movie, there were just little things sprinkled throughout that I disliked. I would say it's his pinnacle movie. It did look gorgeous and I'm a fan of Pacino, DeNiro and Kilmer. But Collateral looked like it was shot on video (probably hi-def Panasonic) but had so many night scenes that it looked too grainy for my taste. Mann has enough money to shoot on film and if he purposefully went for that look then I think he's just trying to look edgy for edgy's sake. I'm scared to see Miami Vice because of the reviews just from friends! One of my friends said about Miami Vice, "Think Team America without the comedy". When you have a show as incredible as Miami Vice was, it's hard to top. I think when Mann goes back to an original movie we'll see something great again. Personally, I'm anxiously awaiting Casino Royale, the new Bond flick. They've gone back to the first Bond story and have done away with all the one-liners, gadgets and Dr. Evil type storylines. That's why I thought Timothy Dalton was the best of the Bonds. That was the way Bond was portrayed in Ian Fleming's novels – a brooding, dark figure that was ready to explode. Going to be a good flick.


  8. >Lance:Jamie drove me mad, thus rendering the slicked-up, tricked-out hooptie he drove pretty much irrelevant as I hardly ever focused on it as much as how his performance was the worst I'd ever seen from him (that's right, he was infinitely better in "Booty Call" than he was in this).Matt:I can't wait for "Casino Royale," either. I'm a big Daniel Craig fan, so I was delighted when he booked the gig (although I wouldn't have been mad watching Clive Owen work some superspy magic—good LAWD, that's a sexy man!!). When I heard D. Craig was in the running, I could immediately see it. F*ck the blonde hair controversy, that's one bad cat and he'll give this franchise an extreme makeover that I'm sure is going to blow us all away.


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