It’s ya yenta, Lo Filestein

…here to bring you tidings of great exhaustion.

Yes, our favorite girl is up to her eyeballs today. She’s knee-deep in several projects simultaneously, and just came off a five day stretch of all-nighters. That’s right, she’s “tor’ up from the flo’ up,” as the young’uns like to say. All work and no play. So she’s taking a much-needed reprieve today. But fear not, she’ll be back with more good stuff, just like always. And once she gets a really good window, the podcasts will also return (remember those?). In the meantime, Oy!!!

Tawk amongst yourselves.

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3 thoughts on “Shalom!

  1. >Oy! I am verklempt. A day without the Lo Zone; what's a boy to do?BTW, checked out the Casino Royale trailer. Looks interesting. I am a big Money Penny fan so I was glad to the see the Dame still around.


  2. >niiiice.niiiice.yeah, this new james bond film looks like the "old sean connery stuff". that back in the day kinda bond, before all the guest bond girl stuff. just dame judy dench alone is worth the price of admission. not many actresses can give you a riveting performance everytime. she's so much in character it's surreal.i figured since matt damon pulled off "the bourne identity" and "the bourne supremacy" that the new bond would have to play down the toys and do the damn thing with less toys and more finesse, ultra-coolness.they even went back and drop ol' boy in an old aston martin db7….now, that's ol' school and all british.thanks matt for the link.


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