Google Is Your B*tch.

Man, Google is really something else. It not only provides you with access to all the knowledge in the world, now it’s about to be your superhero, too. It really wants to show you how hard it’s working to have your back:


Google is building a new “traffic cop” layer into its search engine to help internet users dodge websites containing spyware and malicious code.

When web users click on a link from Google’s search results to a site that is known to contain malware, they will soon be directed to a page that reads: “Warning – the site you are about to visit may harm your computer!”

See? Google loves you. It even want to help you keep out the big bag cyber-boogieman with all his malware.

Don’t you feel special?

New ‘neighbourhood watch’ for Google search

3 thoughts on “Google Is Your B*tch.

  1. >Thank goodness for my MAC. I've had to "wipe" two computers (PCs) at work because of malware. Some of the stuff is worse than a bad STD — you just can't get rid of it. And in one case it is a diret result of a search on Google.Is anyone else using Firefox or Mozilla? I've been running Firefox on my MAC for a few weeks to test it and seem to like it better than Safari (MAC's explorer). Gonna load it on my PC at work and see what happens.


  2. >I've always used IE and had no problems, but I don't frequent too many unknown or unprofessional sites. I did, however, load the new IE and can tell you that it's so strict and secure that it doesn't even allow you onto sites.


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