>Jeeper Creepers, Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

>Okay, I couldn’t ignore this one. After I read about it yesterday, I was like, alright, I’ve just gotta share this with the Lo Zoners.

So this girl has two (count ’em…1, 2) va-jay-jays. What? I’m not making this up. It was in an article in Esquire. To wit:

What I’ve got is a rare condition called didelphic uterus—two vaginas, two cervices, and two uteruses. I look completely normal from the outside, but there’s a septum inside where everything branches into two. My doctor says I’m one in a million.

For a while I thought I was a total freak. I lost my virginity twice. The first time was when I was eighteen. Then I lost the other side two weeks later. To the same guy. You’d think I could have saved one of them for marriage.

When I was dating, I’d just say, “So I have a little something to tell you.” I never got any other reaction except, “Oh, my God, that’s so cool,” because they’d want to have sex in both sides and see what it felt like. Apparently, the right side is, well, more normal. The left side is a lot smaller. But they’re both tight. That’s a plus. I’ve got two G-spots, too, so I’ve always appreciated men who were extra dexterous with their fingers. I get to have two orgasms at the same time.

I have to wear two tampons when I get my period. It was harder to get pregnant, too, because it’s hard to know which side the egg is on. That, and I had to have a C-section when I had my first child recently. Every time I go in for a Pap smear, the doctor’s like, “Do you mind if I call in a few people, ’cause you know we’ve all heard of this but we’ve never seen it.”

Wow. Now that’s something. I’m just curious…fellas, would you find it ideal to have a girl with two peepers or would it be too much pressure? And ladies, would you want double the pleasure (multiple, multiple orgasms) and double the pain (cramps, two times)?

Esquire: Feature Story: What It Feels Like…To Have Two Vaginas

11 thoughts on “>Jeeper Creepers, Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

  1. >Dang, could you imagine if her cycles were not in sync? I saw a video once of this guy in Canada who had two penises. At first I thought it was prosthetics but they both got . . . shall we say stood to attention. Boy, these two would be a perfect match.


  2. >Wow. Now that's something. I'm just curious…fellas, would you find it ideal to have a girl with two peepers or would it be too much pressure?— technically, women have THREE peepers. 2 outta 3 ain't bad. you do the math!…. ;-P


  3. >My boy Lance! Always dropping that knowledge. LOLAs for the two vajay jays (I like that) that would be cool for the guy, but it's got to be a pain for the girl considering the two menstrual cycles and all. But in those times when sex is just real good and your girl dries out, you just hit the other side.


  4. >exactly, rich. why she doing these "freebie" articles like esquire when she could be a poster girl for astroglide or k.y? and get paid!!!!it's gotta be bad enuff, her own damn doctor is calling others over to take a "look see" and WHAT?!!!! NO SINGLES ON THE TABLE??? WTF?!!!! (i betcha they're all JEW doctors, ask LO FILESTEIN!) OY!!!!but, let it be a sistah girl from the 'hood (especially from MIAMI), she'll hop on the examination table, draws off, legs wide & hit the play button on the cd player for UNCLE LUKE, rappin' "POP THAT COOCHIE BABY!!!!….watch the $$$$ flowahhhh, such an entreprenurial mind….lol


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