Flying The Unfriendly Skies.

Enough with the threats on planes already. Dang.

British police say they have arrested 21 people in connection with a terrorist plot to blow up aircraft flying from the United Kingdom to the United States.

The plot was “intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale,” Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson said. The UK’s threat warning level has been raised to “critical” — meaning “an attack is expected imminently.”

It takes so much energy and effort to sustain wars and hatred. Don’t people get tired of being so angry?

Am I being naive? I am, aren’t I?

The only threat on a plane I’m looking forward to is snakes.

Bring it on. (Eight more days!!! Eight more days!!!) All this other stuff is utter madness.

CNN: Police: Plot to blow up aircraft foiled

15 thoughts on “Flying The Unfriendly Skies.

  1. >considering i live in the metro nyc area, we hear a whooooole lotta shit that y'all probably don't get elsewhere, say like in bum-fuk, georgia or okie-dok, oklahoma. here in new york, since 9/11 we've heard so, so many "possible" terrorist threats about this and that, twarting off terror plots or whatever. if you want to call me a conspiracy theorist, so be it…but whenever the BUSH/BLAIR folks seem to be in a political jam, particulary with the IRAQ WAR and now there's the ISRAEL/LEBANON WAR someone throws up a RED FLAG to alert "something new" was found. many people in the U.S. have been illegal arrested or detained for their religious beliefs and practices, then link them up to al-qaeda for all the public to see. later on, give or take a couple of months…they are harmlessly freed (some are) like little rabbits to go back into the wilderness. why? no proof by the gov't., but it makes them look like they've done something. unfortunately, the mindset of many new yorkers, including myself is ENOUGH ALREADY. IF THE SHIT'S GONNA HAPPEN, IT GONNA HAPPEN. if you "carefully" read these "terrorist plot" stories, there's no proof, just "theories" of what "might" happen or "could" do. hell, i ain't surprised if BIG BRUDDA, right now, is monitoring my words and later deemed me to be an "enemy of the state", because of my right of free speech?…anyway, til some shit REALLY happens, the US/UK govts are just spin doctors, "waggin' the dog"


  2. >…by the way, it's interesting to note with all the shit going on in the world, BUSH & BLAIR are vacationing at the same time. hmmm, imagine that. but the press DARES to see the significance of that. oh, by the way, bin laden has named one of his sons to be a "war chief" in the new israel/lebanon war for the al qaeda cause.think back to 9/11….wasn't bin laden's family in the U.S. when the 9/11 shit went down????.. right after 9/11, at least a day, royal saudi arabia families, including bin laden's immediate family were granted executive privileges by BUSH to fly in US airspace to travel aboard, when all other US planes were on lock down. now i tell you….where was bin laden's son then?


  3. >You know it's election time when they dust off and turn on the terror alert board! Yeee-haaaaww. Any mouth-breather that this stuff actually works on deserves the government they keep in power. Unfortunately, the rest of us do not. If people still fall for this, then God help us. How many terror suspects have recently been apprehended, to great headlines in the papers, only to quietly be let go weeks later?


  4. >I swear, Matt and Lance, I was thinking the same thing, and Tony Blair is Bush's patsy, so I could easily see him getting in on this, making it an international affair. It's just a shame all the citizens that get jerked over, inconvenienced, etc. because of these antics. Funny how this comes just a day after Joe Lieberman loses his Republican seat. Perhaps the Republicans see this as a precursor for what's up the road for them, so they've gotta do something to scare Americans shitless again so they can stay in power under the terror ticket.


  5. >Whoa! Really, Matt? I'm going to check that out right now. If this is really the kind of government we have right now—one that shamelessly "wags the dog" at every turn—damn. I mean, I know this is what America has come to these days, but why have we become so damn passive to it? Why hasn't this man and his crew been impeached?


  6. >I actually believe their day will come. If Dems take the House this year Rep. Conyers will start investigations into EVERYTHING. That's why they're going to fight like you've never seen them fight this year. Currently, the Dems can only hold 'panels' in the basement of the Congress. Luckily, none of the big media outlets ever covers these meetings. However, if the tide of control turns in the House this year, real investigations will begin immediately. What really happened on 9/11, Illegal spying on US citizens, torture documents…the works. I would recommend everyone watch "Loose Change"…independent film. Hey, does anyone truly believe that these guys in power have been a panacea for terrorism? They've only expanded it on every level.


  7. >i forgot all about the liebermann election, sho' rite about that…all those that are for the war…SHHHHH!!!! "keep your hands down and keep quiet"…or you're ass will be outta office.orcould liebermann had TWO strikes against him. 1) supports the IRAQ WAR and 2) a JEW FOR ISRAELain't many happy with JEWS these days. lo, you may wanna tell ya yenta, LO FILESTEIN to hang with LO ZONE at the club for a few days, til this anti semitic-shit-izsm blows over!


  8. >Matt, I just watched "Loose Change" online about ten days ago. A new friend recommended that I see it, so I found it online, put on my headset, and proceeded to have the shit shocked outta me. If it is true on any level, America is truly in an awful state of affairs right now, living under a dark regime of Star Wars proportions.


  9. >Forget the Terror Alert. Oh my God, the Republicans are losing their offices, everybody run for cover, the price of gas just might go down, and the middle class just might feel like they have some money again. My, what a novel idea. I have NEVER trusted this administration. They have been up to no good since day one. The Right Wing's constituents believe everything the Pub's put out, so that's why they continue to orchestrate this whole "terror campaign". Ask one of those Pub's to explain the whole 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, better yet ask them to explain this footage. Looks like the American people have been had.


  10. >Oh, I know they blew all three buildings, not just 7. There are engineering and physics professors coming out of the woodworks now saying that the perfect demolition of those three buildings was simply impossible. I tried to stay away from it and stay my tongue about it because I didn't want to be branded a loon but more and more evidence comes out all the time. Can you imagine what it would do to this administration if it were proven they let those guys hit those buildings, then demolished them to allow us unfettered wars in the middle east? It's unreal. And yet I believe it now.


  11. >thanks rich for the link, i have seen some of these images before, but not to the detail of these interiors of the pentagon after the crash. clearly it was a small plane or missle and when you think about it. even WTC crash had plane parts everywhere from the impact.what would be interesting to note is to research the so called "passengers" who was on that ill fated flight to the pentagon to see if they really exist


  12. >Michael Chertoff was just on CNN making an announcment that now, after arresting 21 guys in the UK, and reminding us (as did Bush & Cheney yesterday) that we're still in a war with Al-Quaida, we should really wait for a full, thorough, in-depth investigation before we say this plot was real. Election season is here, folks!


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