I Wonder If There’s A Fried Chicken Gene.

We” do eat a lot of it.

I’m just sayin’.

Why’d I bring that up? Well, it seems there might be some race-specific behavioral genes, and there’s been a bit of a controversy about it.

New Zealand’s indigenous Maori population reacted angrily on Wednesday to a researcher’s findings that Maori have a high representation of a gene linked to aggression, as the nation faces a domestic violence crisis.

Rod Lea told a genetics conference in Australia that Maori men were twice as likely as European men to carry monoamine oxidase, describing it as a “striking over-representation” of what has been described as the warrior gene.

I wonder if black folks have some culture-specific genes (like the fried chicken one). While we’re at it, we might also wanna look into a “baby mama” gene and a “watermelon” gene, too. Oh, and a “well-hung” gene.

I’m hungry.

*Okay…I think I’ve thrown enough racial coal on the fire. Attack!!!

Reuters: Maori gene claim stirs NZ family violence debate

12 thoughts on “I Wonder If There’s A Fried Chicken Gene.

  1. >mmm, quite interesting. But what's interesting is the Native Americans have similar issues, not to mention a few medical problems that are rampant and of course, alcoholism.As far as the fried chicken gene — I got it. I did, however, miss my watermelon gene. But I can tell you from four years of living with them that THAT gene is definitely running through white veins. In the middle of december with the melon damn near green they would come through the dining line and say with glee, "ooo, watermelon."Lo, I got a trick for you. The next time you're frying some chicken, season your flour with a little Jamaican curry powder. In case you're skeptical, just do a couple of pieces. It gives it more of a golden color and the flavor from the extra seasoning is heavenly. People have been asking for years what I do to my chicken.


  2. >fried chicken for breakfast? hell, yeah!!!! aiight sheletha, now that you're in the south, gotta stop by the WAFFLE HOUSE.(cain't miss it, it's a lil bitty ol' diner off the interstate with a yellow sign spelt W-A-F-F-L-E H-O-U-S-E, like somebody spellin' on the wheel of fortune…you'll find it virtually off of any interstate highway in the south)….go in there and see if they serve chicken n' waffles. if they don't, swing by any good chicken hut (i.e. KFC, BOJANGLES, POPEYE'S, etc) get some bird, then go back to the waffle house and get your waffles and eat THAT with the chicken. you'll get the idea. damn good eatin' woman! ROSCOE'S CHICKEN N'WAFFLES in LA…(THANKS LO!!!!…she turned me on to them back in 2000, when bush was stealing the election!) i would have to say that they created this "genre" of a meal (if not, giv'em the credit anyway!) and it's damn good too. i saw in blockbuster video that there's a comedy movie about the roscoe's. how it all began and all that.juan, i'm gonna try that recipe on fried chicken. never thought about that, but definitely gonna give it a try. by the way, if our fried chicken gene causes us to be mo' agressive, then does the watermelon gene, balance things out, by makin' us happy and smiling a lot???


  3. >Lance…been there its one of my new southern comforts…the waffle house is 24/7 and my nephew and I went at like 2am…that mess is totally off the doggon chain..I can't get myself to go to BoJangles…seems like I should be shuckin' and jivin' when I walk up in the joint.Sheletha


  4. >Sheletha, do yourself a favor and go to Bojangles. They used to have them in South Florida when I was in high school and eventually they left. The chicken was outstanding, but aside from that, they have this cinnamon twist thingy that they serve for breakfast that used to have my ass strung out! I passed a Bojangles in Fort Bragg, NC while driving in my rental car to the airport to drop Silena Murrell off when she and I were on tour back in February. I almost jumped outta my skin with glee. All I could think about was how I was going to hit that Bojangles on the way back—I hadn't had any in years. You should have seen me tearing that chicken up in the car. My whole face was greasy, crumbs were all over my lap. Even the steering wheel was greasy. No dignity, no shame.


  5. >sheletha,bojangles is the bomb!!!! no shuckin' and jivin' here!!!that's a must if you're anywhere in the NC/SC/VA area (hopefully in GA/FLA and elsewhere) get yo' boj on!cinnamon twistsbuffalo wingsdirty riceand the closer…homemade sweet teafree sweet tea w/any dinner purchase. lo, my mouf is waterin' now just thinkin' about it… ;-P~~~and if they were to do the chicken n' waffles menu? it's over!


  6. >Many a drunken night in Arkansas did I partake of the Waffle House's disgustingly delicious Country Fried Steak and Eggs special. So horrifyingly good. Didn't know if I was that drunk or if it really happened but one night I ordered that meal and my heart opened the door on my chest, stomped pompously across the floor, took a fedora from the hat stand, stuck it on his head and went out the door, proclaiming, "GOOD DAY TO YOU, SIR!". Then he slammed the door behind himself as I sat with an open cavity in the center of my chest.I still ate the chicken fried steak. Fug that stupid heart.


  7. >When you coming back to NC??? Im in Greensboro now. In Michigan we had Popeye's…now that was some gooda$$ chicken…I was there every sunday for the gospel bird.Okay one day…Ill will tell yall I was at Bojangles.Awww damn now my neice is in my space talkin about some damn BoJangles…I just got here a month ago…baby steps people…baby steps…Heres another: Biscutville and Biscutworld…Never been there cause I from the North. Didnt realize there was a whole Biscuit "conglomerate"…Anybody tried that??Sheletha


  8. >oh yeah, biscuitville is off the chain…i haven't been there in years, but you better get there 'fore 1pm cause that's when they close. talk about moutherin' biscuits filled with chicken, pork loin, sausage patties, red-hot sausages, eggs, cheese, butter, jelly, honey, or just a plain biscuit.sheletha, once you've cross the "mason-dixon line", life goes from bagels to biscuits! oatmeal to grits! unsweetened tea to sweet tea!and once you've learned how to make it yourself, forget going out to eat….well, sometimes.as far as visiting north carolina again, probably in sept or october


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