>Tastes (A Little Too Much) Like Chicken.


Many of you may know that I’m a big fan of yardbird.

I might even go as far as saying it’s my favorite food. (Yeah, my black ass said it. Chicken, particularly fried, is my favorite food. Unfortunately, I can’t have it fried very often, but if I could, I’d be greasy-fingered all day, every day.)

Well, last night a dear friend and fellow yardbird lover shared with me pics of what is being passed off as chicken in some Chinese restaurants across the country. Some of you may have seen these, but I hadn’t. Turns out those little pieces of chicken in some of those restaurants are really…………….*wait for it*…………..*drumroll*………


First they burn the hair off of ’em…

Get enough of ’em together to make a few meals

Cut ’em up into chicken-esque portions

Season ’em nice and lovely…

Then get to fryin’.


That’s right, boys and girls…

This shit is coming to a plate near you.

Yum-o!!! (as Rachael would say).

All jokes aside, I’m sick over this, because I know FOR A FACT that I’ve eaten plenty of something that looks exactly like this in my share of Chinese restaurants. That makes me a rat eater. And all this time, I thought the real rat eater was someone else.

15 thoughts on “>Tastes (A Little Too Much) Like Chicken.

  1. >That is so not yum-o. I tried to get my mommah to believe she was eating rat while we were at the chineese (sp) buffet. She didn't go for it. I wish she was computer savvy to see this…Sheletha


  2. >It's official. I am now a chinese vegetarian. Unless these are "farm raised" rodents, them things have the potential to be invested with all types of shit. Thanks for sharing — I think.


  3. >Reminds me of the French Revolution scene in Mel Brooks' History Of The World…they pan from kiosk to kiosk of street vendors…the first one, "APPLE CORES! GET YOUR APPLE CORES!"..then.."RATS! GET YOUR RATS! RAT ON A STICK! RAT-TAT-TOOEY!"…then a motivated seller in front of the empty cart, "NOTHING! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR SALE!"


  4. >okay, dawnya. when us lo zoners FINALLY meet one day on earth or in heav'm. i'll hit you off with a freshly cooked bucket of the bird, with a some hot sauce. THEN, we'll see if you're talking this talk of no mo' eating chik'n…..loldon't forget to bring the watermelon!…. ;-o


  5. >Have you ever seen the chicken that looks like a mini ribs at the chinese buffet. I wonder if it was rat meat. All this eating out is getting to be absolutely horrible. — Check out Super Size Me for all you Mickey D's and BK Lounge lovers.


  6. >I could not exist without fried chicken. When I lived with my African American girl for two years, she really plumped me up. What she used to do was mix the flour with a little cayenne pepper and put it into a paper bag. She would mix milk, Louisiana hot sauce (better than tobasco) and eggs in a bowl, dunk the chicken parts in that then throw them into the bag and shake…..I'm having a mental orgasm right now thinking of the final outcome.


  7. >lol..it's kinda funny to think about it, but in these hole-in-the-wall chinese restaurants here, i noticed NONE of them eat FRIED FOODS. chicken, fish, or pork. they'll eat rice, and some other cuisine mix, like they're telling us…"we ain't eatin' that shit" and if you look in the parking lot behind the restaurant, you'll see their newest cars and SUVs.


  8. >For real, Lance. I pulled up in a new benz one day and the lady behind the counter said, "I like your color better, mine is an ugly green." I was like damn, I am spending too much money in this joint if Hop Sing's sister pushing a S500. But I still gives them my money. I think they mix crack in their fried rice.


  9. >on the real tho….last night, i was in the rush to get to work, so i ordered some chinese to go. i ordered the general tso chicken with poke fried rice.i thought about lo's post, but then i was like "fuck it, i'm hungry!"…stopped at the spot. got my grub and continued on to the job.at the job, sat down in the breakroom, said my prayers (yeah, i got some religion in me, my peoples, thanks for the prayers y'all….lol) and commenced to eatin'…but something said, "look down".MUTHA FUCKA!!!!THIS SHIT IS STARTING LOOK LIKE LO'S CRISPY RAT CRITTERS!!!!! DAYUM!!!!…but i just added some extra soy sauce and kept right on eatin'!


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