>Where Does The Line Get Drawn On Funny?


Have y’all seen the MTV2 cartoon series, Where My Dogs At?

The show, told through the eyes of two strays, skewers celebrities and pop culture in no-holds-barred fashion. It’s been catching some heat of late for an episode that had black women on all fours being led around on leashes and crapping on the floor. You know, the kind of stuff that makes uppity negroes the important black folks rise up and cry foul. So now the show might be snatched. Or not.

I personally find it to be quite funny and very equal opportunity in terms of who and what it degrades.

I figured I’d share a snippet of an episode with you (not the episode under fire) to see what you think. This particular six minute bit features Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston fighting for custody of their kids. The kids they’re fighting for are actually the two dogs, but Whit and Bobby don’t realize that. There’s also some interesting cartoon cameos. It’s just jokes, y’all. Didn’t Richard Pryor teach us anything?

Happy Friday. Get your laugh on!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

2 thoughts on “>Where Does The Line Get Drawn On Funny?

  1. >You know, this shit was sad but funny. Funny because well, it was funny. Sad because it's basically a true depiction of the craziness some of these people go through. But in a capitalistic society why not somebody get paid off of shit that people do (to themselves) that they already are doing for free.Mo money, mo money, mo money.


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