White Women: The Other Dark Meat.

Early last week, I discussed the WTF* that is the new Jimmy Choo campaign featuring the great Quincy Jones and a dead white girl he’d apparently just killed and was preparing to bury.

[click image to enlarge; click once more to get a good gander at her pretty shoes]

I found this piece both puzzling and a bit disturbing, but I let it pass, figuring it an isolated advertising aberration. The ad, by the way, was in my current issue of Vogue—a periodical celebrated for its elite, fashion-forward, typically well-heeled (or aspiring to be) readership.

Turns out this whole black moguls with dead and/or enslaved/servile white girls in ad campaigns in major high-end magazines is a rising trend. Imagine my shock and awe last night while soaking in the tub and flipping through my newly-arrived issue of Vanity Fair (yes, I read all these bullshit magazines…save your lectures…I’m a sucker for pictures of pretty clothes and shoes, although Vanity Fair does have great articles). Anyway, I suddenly found myself faced with yet another of these spreads. This time it was a layout for Dame Dash’s multi-faceted empire, Dash Incorporated, which includes sneakers, high-end tailored suits, watches, and, well, bibbidee-bobbidee-boo.

Check out the spread. First, you’ve got Little Miss Porcelain in a sexy bustier dress-thingy. Notice the bare-chested brothers behind her, looking like they’re about to tear ol’ girl out the frame, and the ginormous iced-out cross around her neck.

[click image to enlarge; click once more to see the leering brothers]

And now here she is with Dame hovering over her shoulder like a pimptastic Grim Reaper. Notice the blinged-out double-D medallion she’s wearing, indicating whose property she is (just in case you’re not sure). The poor thing’s eyes plead, “Help me!” Oh yeah, if you’re really paying attention, when you enlarge the picture, you’ll notice there’s some unlocked handcuffs on the table. (Of course cuffs are involved. Would you willingly stay with Dame Dash? Just kidding, Dame…in case you’re reading this. I’m a real jokester, I am. Waka-waka-waka.)

[click image to enlarge; click once more to see that gaudy medallion and the handcuffs]

Lastly, we see the slave fair maiden leaning over her master Dame as he reclines in his black furry throne chair.

[click image to enlarge; click once more to pity this demoralized chick]

I really love the way this photo screams, “Bitch, I own you!” I enlarged it so you could revel in Dame’s dominion over his delicate meat. Look at the way she’s got her hand on his, a true sign of servitude and fear loyalty.

[click image to enlarge; click once more to admire the lovely contrast of black skin against white]

Let’s just hope he doesn’t go all O.J. Quincy on ol’ girl and have to kill her.

[click image to enlarge; aren’t those just the cutest shoes?]

Because then that would scare me. That would indicate a very frightful trend.*

*Are these campaigns with black men owning/killing/beating down white women really moving product??? I’d love to see the stats on this. Because if it’s working, the cover of my next book might be a pic of me beating the shit out of a delicate, pretty, modelesque white girl. Lil’ Pools, you up for it?

2 thoughts on “White Women: The Other Dark Meat.

  1. >Lo, you're not alone with Vanity Fair. I remember back in 83 or 84 when they were coming back in to publication I awaited the first issue like the kids used to wait on the next Jordans. I think me and a co-worker walked to several stores in the downtown DC area until we finally found a copy on a newstand in the Mayflower Hotel — yes, they have great articles.I don't know what to say about this trend in black on white advertising. Also back in the early, early 80's (may late 70's) there was a string of window displays that were not very tasteful (in some eyes). Stores like Bonwit Teller in NY had murder scenes, etc. They were mostly in NY but there was a few in Boston. There was a public outcry but the scenes were actually quite captivating.On the real though, maybe these ads are meant to be subliminal. Maybe someone on Madison avenue has a daughter (or son) who has been turned out by some good ole thug (or Black power broker) and they done lost they natural born mind. Just maybe this is their way of saying, "Girls, now I know the trappings look good but stay away from the N-I-G . . . well, you get the picture."Trust. Nothing is by accident in our society.


  2. >Who wants pork when the chicken gene is kickin' into override. The Jimmy Choo ad with Q was pretty dope, but this thing does nada for me. I know these are primarily european publications, but enough already. Instead of one, they would have been better off with a pair of "bony's" on a leash with iced out collars and Dame holding the reigns than that failed attempt at marketing. If you are going to put it out there, go for the jugular. But maybe the ad isn't for us, black folks that is, because personally I like meat on my bones, not to mention that golden brown curried flavor (thanks for the tip Juan).


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