Little Brother Day, Part One: "The ‘Dre Buffet."

Meet Diondre Jones.

My “little brother.” My friend. My business consort. Up-and-coming actor/mega-talent. He dares to let me bask in his sunshine.

We were at the same party this past Saturday night and I watched in awe as women dined, or tried to, off of…

The ‘Dre Buffet.

I guess some cats just got it like that. Eat up, ladies. He’ll be coming soon to a plate near you.

18 thoughts on “Little Brother Day, Part One: "The ‘Dre Buffet."

  1. >I love his face. It's so intense. I also like the way his hands are gripping that ball. I wonder if they could grip my hips that way. Just thinking out loud.Rhonda


  2. >Hey rich in the stl,Yesterday Lo served us chicken. Today's meal is just as delicious. The Lo Zone is becoming my favorite restaurant on the internet. I'll come out of the woodworks to eat summa this any time. I'm licking my fingers right now, heading back for my second trip to the Dre buffet.Angela from Boston


  3. >Wow! Rich, you're right. This post is making the ladies speak up for real. Welcome to the comments sections, everybody. Glad you're stepping out of the shadows and speaking your peace.


  4. >WOW!!!! i can't believe the women are coming outta the woodwork for this guy!!!!damn, mel…i guess yo' hi-yella days are over…..hahahahaha!!!!just fuggin' wif ya bruh!… ;-P


  5. >Mel Jackson is always going to be tasty, but brown meat like this is good for the soul. Where's my hot sauce, and some cornbread. He looks like he'll go real good with some hot fresh cornbread with honey butter on it.Signed,Ms. Jacie


  6. >I want some. I better get a piece before there ain't none left.Oh, this is Tina Strain in Memphis. Coming out the woodwork. I love your blog Lolita. I read it faithfully. It keeps me and my friends cracking up.


  7. >juan, rich, matt….we been on this here blog thingy for months, ain't nobody show'd us NO LOVE, this NEGRO get his mug on the blog and NO COMMENTS and it's like niagara falls in this joint!…..loli guess it's DOES pay fo' men folks to shut up sometimes, huh?….lol***if we EVER have that LO ZONERS PARTY *** (can you spell, o-f-f-t-h-e-c-h-a-i-n-?-!-!)


  8. >You ladies sure you're on the right blog. This is beginning to feel like the Zane crowd. No disrespect Lo, cause I hear you write a hot story yourself, when you want to. For those who don't know, there are three anthologies she contributed to. One is "Black Silk" that was done by Warner Books back in 2002. There was "Twilight Moods," which came out in summer 2002, and "Brown Sugar, Part III," which came out in 2003. The story in Black Silk is "Roses, Red, Room 416." The one in Twilight Moods is "Bobby Q's Sauce," and the one in Brown Sugar is "Standing Room Only." I haven't read them myself, but I hear the "Roses, Red, Room 416" is off the chizzain!


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