Little Brother Day, Part Two: "Sam ‘Got It Goin’ On’ Sarpong."

This is a couple of months late in coming (y’all know I’ve been busy), but huge CONGRATS go to another one of my “little brothers,” Sam Sarpong

…on being the new face of Louis Vuitton (not purses…this is just a visual for you).

What’s so outstanding about this is that he’s the first black male model to be featured in a campaign in the history of the company. (Pharrell is being featured in one of their campaigns , but that’s as a celebrity).

In addition to being a top model and in a number of movie roles, many of you may know Sam as one of the stars of That ’70s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama’s wildly popular new MTV series, Yo Momma.

If you haven’t checked out the show, various contestants compete against each other playing the dozens until a winner is chosen. It’s actually pretty funny to watch it all play out.

Much love to you, Sammy. I’m so proud of you.

It’s been a true joy to watch all your amazing growth!

Sam Sarpong on IMDb Yo Momma
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10 thoughts on “Little Brother Day, Part Two: "Sam ‘Got It Goin’ On’ Sarpong."

  1. >watch out lo…sheletha settin' my boy up….she playin' that "date" thing good, but "circle of sisters?"…sounds like a "super menage thing going on"……..hey, that might not be so bad after all!!!!!


  2. >sheletha: don't hate the playa…lance: not hatin' the playa, just be laffin' at the GAME y'all be tryin' to playsheletha: GRRRRRRR…lance: hee-hee…. ;-P


  3. >i'm waitin' babycakes…the clock's a tickin'….loli got love you for you sheletha, go 'head on and hit me that piece of conebread…i like to play fight…lolplay fightin' is a lotta fun!…


  4. >okay okay i got it now!!!you talking about me with the circle of sisters which is the bomb diggity bookclub of kalamazoo, but we do have to investigate this whole "little brother" thing Lo got going on.okay, my bad, maybe it wasnt clever, but it WAS observant!!waa-wah-waaaaaaa


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