>New Bouncy!!!

>Seems like it was just a month ago (literally) that I featured Beyonce’s then-new video for her song, Deja Vu.

Well, now she’s got a new video for her next release, Ring The Alarm. Bouncy’s Beyonce’s getting her scream on. Enjoy!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

Previously: The Lo Zone: It’s Deja Vu All Over Again.

6 thoughts on “>New Bouncy!!!

  1. >well, y'all know how i feel about beyonce…but, what's up wif all the screaming?now, if y'all wanna hear some REAL sangin'…check out leela james. this sistah is nuthin' but the truth! ya hurd!!!!!www.leelajames.com


  2. >okay bouncy put every man in america on alert.. Try cheatin and see what happen…This song is going to replaying in every crazed ex-gurlfriends head as she makes the drunk call in the middle of the night. Bet.Im going to work now.Sheletha…


  3. >i'on kno' y'all…i ain't too far away from you juan (age), but put ANY hit from the 70's vs any of this mess from the 00's and the 70's will virtually win probably 2:1…there are some exceptions, BUT the vast MAJORITY in this country have changed R&B to POP MUSIC….and what the hell is NEO-SOUL??? it's just SOUL MUSIC, pure and simple. it hasn't changed, just igg'nant, mutha fuckas that want to hear a SOUND to define as THEIR own, so they can label IT for mass consumption. JAZZ music is a prime example. They took that and converted it too the mush of SMOOTH JAZZ, to soothe the savage ear!LONG LIVE MILES DAVIS!!!!!


  4. >Lance, I concur. Don't know if you like Etta James but her new CD is excellent. She even sings James Brown's "It's a Man's World" and knocks it out. Check it out.I am feeling a Coltrane evening coming on.


  5. >that's what i'm talkin' 'bout playa!OL' SCHOOL RULES!!!!!one of my fav. cd is miles davis' "kind of blue" feat. john coltrane, bill evans, wynton kelly, "cannonball adderley, paul chambers and jimmy cobb.when i get into my writing mode, i'll put on THIS cd and i'm in the zone!!!if y'all wanna learn something 'bout music in THIS country, that WE created, you need to check out ken burns' "jazz" documentary series. i know there are some jazz purists out there that may dismiss some of burns' findings, but overall, for a novice jazz listener like me, it's a gem.thanks for the props on etta…gonna check it out!


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