>Oh, Great…I Can Barely Remember Uranus, Neptune, And Pluto.


And now they wanna add Ceres, Charon, and 2003 UB313.

It’s too late to be upsetting my absolutes. I’m too old for that. Once information goes into my head, it’s pretty much set. That means I like my planets like I like my ex-boyfriends.*

*In groups of nine, with a fair amount of spacing between each one.

**That’s a joke, y’all. I like my ex-boyfriends in groups of four, clustered together.

7 thoughts on “>Oh, Great…I Can Barely Remember Uranus, Neptune, And Pluto.

  1. >what's wrong wif the nine we already got and can't get to them anyway? shit, we just barely made it to the moon (depending on that hollywood set on LOT 14!)see, shit like this pisses me off (oh, lawd…it's the angry black man again!) we can't find bin laden, but were spending shitloads of money, lookin' in the skies for planets or frozen stars, like they're gonna stop by for coffee or some dumb shit.ugggh, my people. my people.


  2. >Oh, they can find Bin Laden, they just don't need him yet is all. As soon as they really feel pressed up against the wall, the old bearded warrior will be drug out of hiding. Now, as far as planets go, I'm with you Lance, I could care less. Just a total waste of tax payer money for a group of people to be paid to find more stuff in outer space. The only thing we got from those other 8 planets so far is that martian dude with the trojan warrior hat who plays in Bugs Bunny cartoons threatening to blast you with his "738 space modulator". What a return on investment.


  3. >man, rich you took me back to a day of saturday mornin' cartoons, a big azz bowl of lucky charms, and a comfy red bean bag chair.ahhh, the memories.i think i'm gonna buy a bean bag chair. talk about comfy!


  4. >back in the day, oh around the 14th century, it was blasphemy to think of such, til galileo changed the game to what it is today. the earth revolves around the sun.


  5. >the last i checked, yeah. oh, just a couple of million light years away or in a lucasfilm studio…they ain't gonna hurt nuffin'. trust me, you can drink yo kool-aid in peace.


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