12 thoughts on “This Headline Made Me Blink Twice…

  1. >O.J.???????? Why, Lance, I cannot believe you would think one of the greatest American icons to ever run through an airport trying to get a rental car could be capable of something so monstrous!! O.J. Simpson is a great American!! O.J. Simpson is (somebody's) hero!! Whose, I don't know, but somebody looks up to him. (Scott Peterson, maybe?)


  2. >um, really i dont know, one of my girls in my bookclub sent me an email with a link to pageturner.net, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame was nominated for some awards…Wheres Rich??


  3. >This news has angered me to the point that I want to construct a time machine (probably in a DeLorean) and go back and kill Jon Benet myself. Can any newsperson name one child that was killed by the wrath of Katrina? How about one child snuffed out in Sudan? WTF is wrong with my country?


  4. >interesting observation matt…maybe it's because jon benet looks more like YOU and not like US.it's not nuthin' new under the sun, brudda…the media WILL ALWAYS go after darling young, innocent WHITE FEMALES who are victims of a crime despite others of different races that, unfortunately, been dealt with the same fate.too many instances to draw up, but turn on your local t.v. news and it's the same ole stereotypical format. hard news: int'l, nat'l, and then locally, fugg'd up traffic & blacks done something bad…..then commericals, white families living the good life or going to home depot or some dumb shit. oh, don't forget that sister, single mom with the kid in the commerical. but, wait. where's the black man? the black father?oh, there he is…he's on the news . he's done something bad again. awww, for shame…well, that's a little too heavy for our viewers. let's soften it up again. let's do something within the "community". they'll go down to the "hood" to get a "feel good story" …interview keisha and 'nem but they-ain't-got-no-munny and skrugglin'….okay back to the commericals again. white folks livin' the good life….back to the news, oh, it's weather time. it's gonna be 50% chance of precipitation (rain, snow, etc) and the temps from 0 to 100 degrees with a slight wind.that's the weather forcast for the rest of your fuggin' life!okay, now it's sports….FINALLY!!! BLACK MEN….plenty of them too. Oh, noooo…one of them has been in trubble wif the law again. another is making too much munny and talkin' shit on t.v. for shame. back to commericals, white folks is doin it up this time, livin' the good life!well, it's the end of another broadcast, the t.v. news team will finally do a little something of us cullar'd people to keep everything in balance. gotta represent ya kno'. and that's the end of the 6 o'clock news.noticed the news anchors are either all white or half/half, but never two blacks, asians or latinos together? wonder why?…yeah, right!


  5. >That's why I choose to get my news from the BBC. If one had turned on Fox News (if it can be called such a thing) during Katrina, you would've thought there was a black riot going down and blacks were killin' innocent folk left and right. What Hurricane? I've become too sickened by corp. news channels, all owned by the same billionaire. It's sad that I have to watch BBC News/BBC Online to get the low down about what's really going on in my own fuggin' country.A good comparitive was the recent Israeli attack on Lebanon. Watch CNN and you would see how the poor Israelis were under attack. Switch over to BBC and you'd see unvarnished carnage and the numbers, where Lebanese dead (mostly civilians) numbered about 12X that of Israeli (mostly soldiers).


  6. >Sheletha, thanks for pointing out the voting. I hadn't heard anything about this and I have many friends who have been nominated.Lo, you got my vote in two categories. We'll have to spread the word.


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