3 thoughts on “S.O.A.P., M*thaf*ckas, S.O.A.P.!!!!

  1. >I may be one of the only people around who has not been affected/infected by the S.O.A.P. phenom. Actually, if it hadn't been for the Lo Zone I may be completely ignorant of the whole thing. I tend to have an aversion to snakes so the first few posts I didn't even read. I am hoping our gracious host is not as disappointed by this movie as she was by Miami Vice — I'll await her review on Monday.


  2. >my brothers…my brothers…you cats are ol' school (and i appreciate that)…but this is one MOVIE, that deserve your attention NOW. why wait to hear everybody else chime in on how GREAT it was, when you can experience it for yourself, and know for sure what everybody is talking about? SOAP, it's obvious about the story, but what happens is a rollercoaster ride! it just pure entertainment and with samuel l. jackson on point? WOW! i saw the movie earlier this morning, cause i work nights, but trust me. you won't be disappointed.


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