>What About "I Love All My Baby Daddies"?


“We are not brainwashed, mistreated, neglected, malnourished, illiterate, defective or dysfunctional,” 17-year-old Jessica said. “My brothers and sisters are freethinking, independent people; some who have chosen this lifestyle, while others have branched out to a diversity of religions.”

Uh-huh. Just wait until that one night when you’re really horny, but you can’t get any action because it’s wife number three’s night. (And it’s always Wife #3, never Husband #3; for some reason, polygamy, in these instances, always means polygyny, not polyandry).

Suffer the soon-to-be-undersexed little children pro-polygamy Utah females. Well, they can start prepping now by watching HBO’s Big Love.*

*Somehow I get the feeling that Big Love could never work with an all-black scenario. The minute those women wrapped their heads around the concept that their man was gonna be getting all the ass he could eat from each of them, the sistahs would momentarily turn on each other, come to their senses, hug it out, then turn on him. He’d end up cut, shot, and given a grits bath. Big Love would suddenly become Big BillsDoctor Bills. Nurses in a burn unit picking grits off one-by-one can be pretty costly. I’m just sayin’.

6 thoughts on “>What About "I Love All My Baby Daddies"?

  1. >this is bullshit!rich white man: playboyrich white man's girfriends: playboy bunniesmormon white man: devoted husbandmormom white man's wives (more than one): devoted wivesblack man: pimpblack man's girfriends: hoesdo you see a PROBLEM here?yeah, c'mon lo….let's brainstorm.how about a BLACK VERSION of BIG LOVE…you know, our theme music will be "PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE" from THE TEMPTATIONS. he'll live in the hood, no job but float from welfare check household to welfare check household, beating bad ass kids and eatin' all the food!


  2. >ROFL at sheletha. Yeah, I am with you on that one.Lance, let's go for originality. Make him a dot.com millionaire with several families. Otherwise it's just a cliche.


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