6 thoughts on “>Here We Go With This Again.

  1. >The beady eyes and reptilian tie make him appear as the anti-Christ, don't they? Oh yeah, the thousands of American lives he's taken (see: Katrina, Iraq war) and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives (somewhere between 50 and 100,000).I didn't vote for that coc*sucker.


  2. >At first I was a little disappointed when my oldest son got asked to leave the military. But in retrospect, I am glad he did.Nope, didn't vote for him either.


  3. >Hey Sheletha, when you post, choose other and leave out the web page entry and you won't show up at anonymous, maybe you already know that. Anyway, it's always good to see you on the blog. — Yeah I'm being blog manager today. Next week, who knows. I didn't vote for him either, but as I recall a lot of bamboozled christians did vote for him. I wonder how that stance is working out for them now.


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