4 thoughts on “>Be Real Black For Me.

  1. >Damn, Lo, I ain't even going to speculate what state you're in. You're taking me way back with this. Back to a time when I was too dumb to realize what I was experiencing. Back in the day you could seee Donny and Roberta all over DC. I used to go to Mr. Henry's and listen to Roberta singing and playing while eating a half-price burgers and thought it was good "back ground" music. Now, I really appreciate the artistry that I was experiencing. With Howard University here, DC has been a real hotbed of some truely talented brothers and sisters.Thanks, Lo, I really, really, appreciated that.


  2. >I have Donnie's greatest hits and that dudes lyrics are always off the chain. I love "A song for you". I hadn't heard this one, but I like it also, the choice of words are powerful and moving. This is yet another example of the lost art of good song writing. Thanks for the music.


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