>This Is So Pathetic…


…it’s not even funny.

…[CBS] announced that for “Survivor: Cook Islands,” which debuts next month, 20 contestants would be divided into the White Tribe, the African American Tribe, the Asian American Tribe and the Hispanic Tribe.

I guess CBS is single-handedly trying to bring the race riot back. Didn’t they see what happened to this country during the O.J. trial?

That being said, I hope The Negroes* win, then barbecue the losers and eat them. With homemade hot sauce. That’ll show ’em who the real survivors are.

*I told y’all I was feeling soulful today.

Washington Post: Sagging ‘Survivor’ Plays the Race Card

9 thoughts on “>This Is So Pathetic…

  1. >Lo, when I heard about this — and I confess I have never watched a single episode of this show — I was like WTF. I am getting my rations together cuss the civil war is coming.


  2. >They are losing ratings. As jacked up as it sounds, they know people will gather around to watch. That is, everyone but me. I already know what's going to happen:The white group will cry foul if they don't win, and trust me they will cheat every possible way they can to do so, so ultimately they will win. The asians will look down on all the other groups because they are the "super-minority". If things get tight for them, they will make an alliance with the caucasions that allow them to win but they'll have to pay off the caucasions for this priviledge, either way the caucasions will get paid, so they still win. The Latins will outwork everybody, working well into the night to maintain an edge, but they will eventually lose because in the melting pot hard work doesn't always win out, it's the bastard with the biggest spoon that controls everything (so, caucasions win again – or would that be the Negroe's – it depends on what spoon we are playing with.) Oh, we save the best for last, the Negro, I mean African American tribe. They will put up a good fight, but will falter due to "in-fighting". Eventually the darker one of the group will accuse the others of being sellouts and of course, the caucasions win again. On the for real, this is the most ludacris piece of planned television I have ever seen. It will be interesting to see if they ever merge the tribes like they normally do. Either way, this is going to be one big mess, because I'm sure they will catch someone saying some off the cuff remark about another one of the groups.As far as I'm concerned, there will be no winners this season on survivor.


  3. >Isn't he, Sheletha? His comments frequently leave me speechless with how naturally well thought out they are. We're are really fortunate to have the benefit of such a braintrust of opinions on this blog, from you and Rich and Juan and Lance and Matt and Dawnya and, heck, all-a y'all. It's pretty impressive to read the things you guys have to say.


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