>Boy, If This Isn’t Me.

>Fortunately (unfortunately?), for now, it’s just me and my laptop, but sooner or later, I know I’m going to have this issue.*

As electronic devices get smaller, people tote their technology around the house more than ever. And as the number of home wireless networks also grows, laptops – along with Treos, BlackBerries and other messaging devices – are migrating into the bedroom and onto the bed. The marital bed has survived his-and-her book lights and the sushi-laden bed tray. Can it also survive computers that tether their owners to the office or make the bed the workplace itself?

Piper Kerman, Mr. Smith’s wife, tries to be understanding about her husband’s need to work constantly, but her tolerance has limits, especially when she thinks about the significance of their bed, their first joint purchase when they started out as a couple 10 years ago.

“Not to get too squishy about it, but you kind of want the bed to be a sacred space,” she said. “The bed is a restorative place in my mind. It’s not a place to work.”

I don’t think it’s a problem being in bed with my laptop. I get so much done this way.

“The most comfortable spot in the world is in bed, and that’s where people start their day and end their day,” said Ken Anderson, an anthropologist and a senior researcher at Intel Research in Beaverton, Ore.

See? That’s what I’m sayin’. And, come on, let’s be serious here…if given the choice between bonding with my (theoretical) man and a laptop, I’m certainly not going to opt for the laptop. If so, then that (theoretical) man doesn’t need to be in my bed. Theoretically, speaking.

In the meantime, my laptop keeps me company, even though I learned yesterday that the battery might catch on fire. Of course, it won’t be the first time a device has caught fire in my bed.**

*I’m in bed with my laptop as I type this.
**Somewhere right now, Vickie, Bubby, and Ettevy are laughing. R.I.P. Big Blackie.

New York Times: Laptop Slides Into Bed in Love Triangle

5 thoughts on “>Boy, If This Isn’t Me.

  1. >Lo, you kiilled Big Blackie? Dang, a man don't stand a chance.Sad but true, I have a laptop on my nightstand. Another on on a stand near the TV in my bedroom (yes, two computers less than 20 feet from each other). And yet another one on the first level that I take from family room to kitchen to gazebo. My house (including music streaming) is wireless but I resist technology. Yeah, right.The one area I draw the line is bluetooth headsets for my crackberry. I just refuse to look like a member of the Enterprise's crew.


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