>Killer Whales…They’re Just Like O.J. Us!!!

>Meaning they get pissed, cuss each other the f*ck out, and then make nice later.*

Whether it’s a blowout argument or a dinner-table disagreement, a spat with your lover can be trying. Humans have of course devised ways of making up, including tight hugs and the customary apology flowers.

Killer whales have their own tricks for mending relations, a new study finds. Rather than a bouquet, however, they might opt for an intimate swim.

I don’t know about y’all, but I always go for an intimate swim with the person after we resolve a dispute.

It’s also interesting to learn these animals have plenty of family spats, too.

Orcas, the largest members of the dolphin family, can reach swimming speeds at sea of 30 miles per hour (50 kilometers per hour) for short stints.

After the mother chased the father for several minutes, each zipped away to separate aquatic quarters to cool off for about 10 minutes. Then, the mates smoothed over their clash with side-by-side swimming, called echelon swimming.

Isn’t that cute? Isn’t this a nice make-up option after chasing a mofo around at breakneck speed when they’ve pissed you off?

I like this intimate/echelon swimming thing. It might actually be worth provoking a fight.

*I was just kidding about them being just like O.J. They’re nothing like him. He actually kills people after a spat.

LiveScience.com: Killer Whales Settle Disputes Like Humans

4 thoughts on “>Killer Whales…They’re Just Like O.J. Us!!!

  1. >Juan, you have to catch the play on words. How about if she said come take an "intimate swim" between the legs of your adoring wife, would you worry about lessons or just jump right in?Jump on in, playa, the water is fine.


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