Laguna Bitch.

Meet Cami.

Cami’s the lone person of color (she’s black and Jewish) on Season 3 of MTV’s deliciously dumb Laguna Beach

…and not only is she a member of the power clique, she’s number two in the clique’s evil hierarchy (behind her best friend, Kyndra

…who, though not as soulless as alpha bitch/fame-extending Kristin Cavallari from Seasons 1 and 2

…still manages to come pretty close). Cami’s the main instigator of drama so far on the show…

…often egging Kyndra on to vile deeds as she sits back in the cut and laughs.

I didn’t think anything could live up to the beautiful, self-sucking human vermin that was the previous Laguna kids

…but these are some ridiculously self-absorbed chirren.

I love this mind-rotting sh*t!!! Laguna Beach (Season 3)

8 thoughts on “Laguna Bitch.

  1. >She looks like a cross between Megan Goode and Raven Simone. I never watched the show though, so I have no comment on that. Since we like talking amongst ourselves here. I here Idlewild didn't do so hot at the theaters, and S.O.A.P dropped quite a few positions in it's second week. I'm planning on seeing both. I hear S.O.A.P was good, what about Idlewild? Oh, and feel free to hip me to this Laguna Beach show. I don't even know what it's about.


  2. >I went to go see Idlewild this past weekend. But guess what??? In my home state of Michigan I guess some cities are pissed off because the Idlewild that the movie is based on is located one the east side of the state of Michigan. Outkast put Idlewild in Georgia and there is no mention of Michigan. I gained some interest in this location simply because my professor (Ben Wilson, google him)in college damn near tested his class on the subject only because he wrote books about it. So anyway, my point is, many of the cities in Michigan won't premire it until next week, if ever.


  3. >I just read a story this morning about Idlewild, MI. I see it was a black resort back in the day. Interesting stuff. Maybe their boycott will bring some attention and some tourist traffic.


  4. >yeah Idlewild,MI was the Martha's Vineyard for Black folx back in the day. The name "Idlewild" came from "Idle Men, Wild Women"I always thought that was funny.


  5. >Rich, Don't feel bad, my TV is basically stuck on BBC America and an occasional local news show in the morning.Idlewild did not do that good but when you look on how much it made based on the fact that it was in 1/3 of the theaters that the top producers were then on a per screen basis it kicked some major bootie.I actually don't think they intended or even knew about the MI connection so who knows.S.O.A.P. did drop quite a bit but I think the hype may have been counter-productive to the box office success/failure. I did not see it and probably won't.I only wish Shadowboxer had stuck around a bit longer and got more buzz going about it. That's the best movie I've seen in quite some time.


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