>Way To Go, "24"!!!

>Grey’s might have been shut out*, but I was still happy to see Kiefer

…and 24 bring home the gold. I love that show. They work their asses off season after season, and always manage to keep things exciting.

*I’ll leave the questions as to why Grey’s was winless to the conspiracy theorists (*cough, Lance, cough*). I expect nothing less brilliant than Martin Lawrence’s cue ball vs. eight ball billiards theory in Boomerang.

Yahoo News: ’24,’ ‘Office’ win Emmys for best series

3 thoughts on “>Way To Go, "24"!!!

  1. >the number of letters in Grey's Anatomy is 12 divided by the number of black people in the cast (3)will give you the number of seasons it will take for Grey's to win a emmy for best picture…LOL i just made that up. Please dont take me seriously. I don't even watch Grey's, it was on too late and I had to prep myself to watch the BOONDOCKS. Now that it moved to Thursday this season I will give it a chance, I heard it was some kick-ass TV.


  2. >You know this guy (Keifer Sutherland) must really be able to act, convincingly I might add, because I have not been able to watch him in a role since "The Vanishing". Actually, I don't watch a lot of TV. I was surprised Grey's Anatomy didn't get any awards, because I have seen that and liked the few episodes that I managed to watch, but that may be in large part to Isaiah Washington being a part of the cast. I like him as an actor and besides it's a lot easier for me to get into shows that have strong African American actors/actresses. I guess I'm just a little biased like that. Nothing against white shows, hell thats the majority of TV anyway, but it's good to see "you" on the screen from time to time, especially when it's in a positive light.


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