>Send In The Clowns.

>I stopped following the media frenzy behind this fool after the very first day because something about the way he looked…

…so smug, so happy for the attention—told me something was rotten in Denmark Thailand his head.

Well, now we know.

This colossal clusterfuck brought out more attention whores

I guess everybody wants their moment in the sun.


Now they’ve all got egg on their faces while Karr got a first class flight back to the States

…and all the press his smarmy little heart desired.

Way to go, media!!! I wonder what they’ll find for us to fixate on next!!

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2 thoughts on “>Send In The Clowns.

  1. >I have to agree. There's something in the eyes that says, "I am crazy as hell" to me.But there was an invetigator in Georgia who early on all but said, He ain't the guy.


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