>Now THIS Would Be Comedy.


Naturally, however…

[…] the White House immediately dismissed [it] as a “diversion.”

So debate the man and put the “diversion” to rest, already. Let us all vote on the winner, like American Idol.

Nut vs. nut.

I’d pay to see that.

5 thoughts on “>Now THIS Would Be Comedy.

  1. >shiiiiiiit! i wouldn't pay JACK SHIT for that! but to see, the victims of hurricane katrina, string his ass up….that's worth, makin' a basket of goodies and heading to the "pic-nic" to see!


  2. >greensboro?….what duh?….and you ain't expurience any bojangles fried chicken yet?….lemme find dave!!! DAAAAVE! OH, DAAAAVVVE!!!!see, i ain't scurred of eatin' fried chicken and/or watermelon in front of whitey, cause a mama joke just waitin' to bust out.


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