>Please, ABC…Don’t F*ck This Up.

>As I’ve noted on this blog before, this is one of my favorite shows.

Well, it looks like it’s headed to the States.

ABC is looking to import Blighty phenom “Footballers’ Wives” to the States.

Touchstone Television-based producers Chris Brancato and Bert Salke are partnering with comedy scribe-producer Marco Pennette (“Ugly Betty,” “Crumbs”) to adapt the Shed Prods. format as an hourlong sudser. U.S. skein* will take place in the world of pro football rather than soccer but will otherwise retain much of the over-the-top spirit of the original.

I certainly hope they don’t muck it up when they do the American version. We’re notorious for trying to replicate a UK hit

…on this side of the pond and rendering it into a heaping pile of shit.

(I know NBC’s excellent sitcom, The Office

…based on Ricky Gervais’ smashing UK version of the same name…

…just won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. Thank goodness they got that one right. I would have been crushed to see a great premise like The Office ruined by hit-eager, money-grubbing Yanks.)

I guess all we can do is hope for the best. The UK cast is so incredible. And I don’t know who on earth they could possibly find to play a better version of this bitch

…than this bitch herself.

*skein is how Variety refers to a series.

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10 thoughts on “>Please, ABC…Don’t F*ck This Up.

  1. >yeah, y'all…long time no see. been busy wif work and buying another car…if they do, recreate this "show", gonna be interesting to see how "its" cast. i haven't seen "footballers wives" before, but i'm sure the english or european soccer team characters were or are primarily "white", whereas in the NFL, professional football players, "as WE know it", it's nearly 75% black, so how are they going to define "this" show….and maintain the reality of "today's" football.in 2003, ESPN created a mini-series called "playmakers" about pro football on and off field, til it was subsequently "asked" by the NFL to cancel it. hmmmm, i wonder if any television contracts have anything to do with it, but wait…could this some sort of "revenge" factor from ABC, which owns ESPN?….market $hare, ad revenue$, etc????check out the link:http://imdb.com/title/tt0375411/


  2. >I love "The Office" that show keeps me rollin and reciting the lines the next day. Only those that watch it the night before really understand me. They should never let that show go. I will be soo sad. 😦


  3. >Lance you make some good points. Perhaps they will make them hockey wives. But I guess for it to be as over the top as the original they need the husbands to have almost god-like status.Incidentally Tanya (the bitch of all bitches) is so evil you have to love her. The show has been so successful for the BBC that they now have a spin-off. It's sort of like the second string team but they are very anxious to be seen as the real bitches that their role model is.Some things are better left alone but we'll see. I'll still tune in to BBC America on Sunday nights. I haven't seen the Office here but the original was great as was couplings.Lance, what type of car did you buy? I bought a convertible VW this weekend as a "fun" car.


  4. >sheletha, not peaches. Dang, there had to be at least 5 peaches 'round da way when I was growing up. And each one had a story. You may be on to something


  5. >Peaches is based off of every hood rich, urban love story that I flippin find in every flippin book store. How many young chicks with crackhead mothers and absent fathers that have the desire to do anything to play wifey to the ultimate drug lord in the hood?


  6. >yo juan, i was shooting for a '00 porsche boxster, but got a great deal on a '03 lincoln ls V8 sedan. the insurance on the boxster was insane!…especially for nyc!but there's nuthin' like rollin' in a convertible (cabriolet for car enthusiast out there!)so, "peaches"….do you have an "apple bottom"?… 😉


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