>This Whole Situation Is Rife With Irony.

>I mean, this guy purported to be following the old biblical doctrines that entitled him to multiple wives…

…yet, when he was finally nabbed…

Warren Jeffs, 50, was found with mobile phones, laptop computers, wigs and more than £28,000 in cash, the FBI said.

Dude was apparently pretty hi-tech for someone who claimed to like it old-school style.

Sexy, huh?

I can see why he had so many wives.* (Yeah, right.)

By the way, check out this polygamist family.

Doesn’t that look like it would be fun?

*Warren Jeffs had at least forty wives (!!!) and nearly 60 kids.

Fugitive polygamist captured in Nevada

5 thoughts on “>This Whole Situation Is Rife With Irony.

  1. >uhhhhgghhh, I wouldnt be able to function in that world. cause my first thought after everybody got dressed would be: Why she get to wear pink and everybody else gotta wear blue. It aint right!


  2. >Wow, Sheletha…I never even noticed that lone girl wearing pink. She's obviously someone special in the hierarchy. You're right. I'll bet her siblings kick her behind upside-downside on the sly on a daily basis.


  3. >but guess what…somebody's already contacting jeffs for the movie rights to his life story. if HBO's "big love" can be a success…imagine the moobie!


  4. >AAAAAnnnnd…there is one in yellow in the back. I supposed K-Mart only a selected few in stock, evidently not enough to accomodate all dem kids…I would have said Target, but Target has some clothes in there that I would Rock The Hell out. Im so glad I cut up that card.


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